Episode #111: Secrets of Living Well for a Lifetime


My desire in my ministry is to help women learn how to flourish as women of God, friends, wives and mothers. Yet, we must each be attentive to the health of our hearts, minds and souls in order to grow strong and to stay healthy. Today, I have recorded a short podcast about some of the ways we must nourish ourselves on a regular basis in order to grow strong and live well.

Episode #110: Practicing Every Day Discipleship

In this episode, Sally and Kristen discuss their intentional focus on relationships, understanding the personalities and stages of children, how to engage in effective Sabbath traditions,  Telling stories of how discipleship becomes a dependable rhythm in our homes everyday through conversation, fun, training and reading, traditions is a part of their own home experience. 

Episode #108: Fighting the World's Culture by Creating Your Own

What does it mean to be transformed, changed, and reshaped as an antidote to being conformed to the world? In this episode, Sally ponders these ideas as she discusses chapters four and five of the Life-giving Table and teaches us about how family culture has the distinct and grace-giving power to both change and protect us. She inspires listeners to instill a sense of "this is who we are" and "this is what we believe" into the hearts of her children as they gather at the table, and gives tools to not only create a vision to define our own family culture, but to practically cultivate a legacy.