The Gifts of Age and Experience

Matthias Stom Old

Though youths grow weary and stumble, yet those who wait......Isaiah 40

There are many potential gifts of aging and gaining experience, yet our culture is not inclined to appreciate the value of age or the richness of wisdom in contrast to  the confidence and cleverness of youth.Those who have grown older through many years of ideals and trials, and yet held fast to God, even in the darkness, have bought for their toil, perspective, wisdom and humility and gentleness..

The older one becomes, the more one understands how little power or control we have over life, circumstances and relationships, and so the understanding of fighting and scrambling for the things of this world, the seeking to make life tame its raging storms, the shaking the fist at heaven,  becomes futile to one who is focussing more on eternity.

The gift of aging is humility and gentleness and patience: humility, because of a realization of how finite we are and how much we need and depend on God's grace for our very life; gentleness, because we are ourselves in such need of gentle compassion and love from others in our own frailty; and patience, because we have learned that nothing happens on our time schedule, but that in the end God is good.

These gifts are only for those who determine to continually chase after Him, (stealing from Nathan's book), those who hold fast, even in the darkness, those who choose to believe when they cannot see.

But these gifts from God's hand satisfy and give peace.   Freedom from working so hard or performing for others becomes meaningless and grace comes in its place..

Those who do not choose to believe in God in the darkness, will remain in darkness and despair for life, and build a legacy of disbelief. Those who compromise ideals when tempted to conform will have torment and regret. Those who disbelieve in God's goodness and the wisdom of His ways, will have bitterness and sourness of soul for a legacy.

So, do not disdain the difficult or darkness. It is God's pathway to holiness and to Himself.

And so I seek to cling to Him, no matter what, no matter where, because He is the end, the answer, the substance, of all hopes and dreams on this earth. He, alone, is  my treasure. And so I understand that aging and growing through the years, walking hand and hand with Him, more of His little girl each year,  is a gift and adornment from His hand.