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We are so excited to share our new book with you, This is our personal story of how we cultivated our own friendship over many years. It is our hope that as you read these pages, you will be inspired to invest in soul-shaping, heart-satisfying friendships.

In a time when many women feel lonely and isolated, Girls’ Club (Tyndale Momentum) calls us to embrace the delight and comfort that can be found in life-giving friendships with women—and to cultivate relationships that not only offer emotional affirmation and acceptance, but also inspire, educate, and stretch us to live out our God-given potential.

Told through stories and encouragement based on the authors’ experiences: Sally, a seasoned mother and well beloved author, her daughter Sarah, an Oxford scholar and new mother, and her youngest daughter Joy, a professional young woman pursuing her doctorate, Girls’ Club will speak to the importance of cultivating deep and lasting friendship at every stage in life. Join Sally, Sarah and Joy as they explore the power, difficulties, potential, beauty and satisfaction of friendships that help us live purposeful lives and that satisfy our longing for meaningful and intimate companionship.

From our hearts to yours, Sally, Sarah, and Joy

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The Girls’ Club Experience, a companion to Girls’ Club by Sally, Sarah, and Joy Clarkson, is a guidebook for women of all ages who want to cultivate deeper, more satisfying friendships with other women. Believing that friendship must be cultivated like a garden, the authors have compiled tools and seeds—discussion questions and fun, practical exercises—to help readers start planting.

Whether you work through the book with a current friend, a new friend, or a group of friends, the chapters, discussion questions, and exercises are intended to draw you into deeper knowledge and trust of one another.


Pre-Order Bonus Form

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Our publisher Tyndale Momentum has generously provided the opportunity for one of you to win this amazing gift so that you can have a holiday in Oxford, and enjoy high tea with us at a lovely and celebrated old hotel in the historical center of town. We will have our own girls club time together, and will have a heart-to-heart conversation with you to encourage you. We will also provide insider’s input on how best to enjoy Oxford, and all the best places to visit. Enjoy the dreaming spires and ancient streets of this beautiful university town, and walk the same paths as people like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

To enter:

- Share about it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or through a bible study or support group

- Comment (and tag a friend!) on our special giveaway entry posts on any social media platform. You'll know which posts these are because they will be titled "OXFORD GIVEAWAY!" The more times you share and tag friends, the more entries you will receive.

- No purchase necessary.


The $1000 can only be used toward the costs of a trip to Oxford. Any additional costs are at the winner’s expense. The only substitution that can be made is to visit Sally in Colorado for a high tea with her and whichever of her daughters are home at the time (local accommodation can be suggested). If the winner elects to apply the funds toward an Oxford trip, the trip must end before June 10, 2019. $1000 can go a long way for the clever traveler; suggestions can be provided for budget airfare and accommodation options, at the winner’s written request.

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Sally Clarkson is an avid tea drinker, the head chef of her kitchen, and loves to take long walks during her travels all over the world. She is the author of 18 books, many of which are bestsellers, including Own Your LifeThe Lifegiving Series and Different. As a conference speaker and teacher she has inspired women world-wide for thirty five years to live courageously, intentionally and faithfully. She regularly shares her wisdom on her blog,, and on her popular podcast, At Home with Sally and Friends. She is the wife of Clay, the mother of four adult children, and is the devoted friend of her golden retriever Darcy. Find Sally on Facebook and Instagram.

Sarah Clarkson is a writer and sometimes theologian who loves good books, beauty, and imagination (and thinks everyone else should too). Wife to Thomas and mother of Lilian, she resides in Oxford, where she researches theodicy and beauty, and is pursuing a masters in modern doctrine. She is the author of Book Girl, Caught Up in a Story, and The Lifegiving Home. She blogs about life, faith, books, and the arts at and writes regularly for publications of all sorts, from Christianity Today, to The Rabbit Room. Find Sarah on Facebook and Instagram.

Joy Clarkson is jet-setter, communications maven, and people lover. She is currently pursuing a PhD in theology, imagination, and the arts at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she researches the role of affections and the arts in moral formation. She discusses her discoveries on her popular podcast, Speaking with Joy, blogs often at, and regularly writes for publications like Transpositions and Humane Pursuits. Joy can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.