Are you longing for inspiration in your home? Have you ever dreamed of having a mentor? Would you like ideas of how to enrich your children’s education? Do you yearn to grow in your faith? Join us at Cultivating Life with Sally where you can find these things and more.

Sally loves nothing more than personal discipleship based on the word of God. Once she discipled her children into adulthood, she began reaching out to small groups of women and discipling them in her home.

This membership site has been created for you to receive the same type of mentoring and discipleship that Sally would offer you if you were sitting next to her in a rocker on the porch of her Rocky Mountain home.

Over the course of a year, Sally will provide audio and/or video teaching in several different categories: Motherhood, Home, Discipleship, Education and Leadership.

Sally will guide you back into your Bible to study God’s word alongside her. Listen in as she shares what she has learned over decades of personal prayer, reading and study. Be encouraged to walk through the journey of motherhood with grace and joy as Sally gives you practical ideas for tackling some of the common struggles mothers face. As an exciting extra, the wonderful team over at Storyformed will provide content for you that will not be available anywhere else. The book lists, bonus audios, and maybe even a video or two from Holly Packiam and Jaime Showmaker will continue to nuture a love of story in you and your children.

When you join us in membership, it will be as if you have front row seats to a mini-conference with Sally every month of the year. There will be audio and/or video to encourage you, notes to follow along and thought-provoking questions to spur you to action in your own life. Want to be mentored to new levels of maturity in your faith and mothering? Join us at Cultivating Life with Sally opening September 5, 2017.