Days before converging on our home for a family gathering this summer, both of our sons called me.
“Mama, I can hardly wait to get there.”
“What is your favorite expectation about coming home?” I asked each of them.
Both boys answered with almost the same words, even though they were now separated by two thousand miles: “It is the feasting every night around the table with delicious home-cooked food, being each other’s best friends, talking about every possible subject and sharing in each other’s lives . . . that is my favorite part. I need my people. I want a place to belong.”

It’s no accident that they feel this way. Creating a lifegiving table in our home was a priority for me from the very beginning, and I put effort and intention into making it happen.

In The Lifegiving Table, join me as I share the lessons my family and I cultivated carefully through years of sitting down together; cooking, baking, and preparing meals; and practicing the disciplines of teaching manners and fostering conversation.

You’ll discover the legacy of creating a lifegiving table in your own home, as you knit your hearts together to form tight bonds that will not easily be broken.


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Because we want to support our small groups, and we love building friendships over book clubs, if you purchase five or more copies of Lifegiving Table for you and your friends, you will receive a special downloadable PDF with questions to stimulate Table talk with your children, and a lovely PDF for tea time discipleship to refer to when you have your special times with friends. Stay tuned for more info soon!

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Grand Prize:


Two airplane tickets to Denver, transportation to a hotel near me with a night stay, and a day with me at my home and table for mentoring and fun! We will discuss the rhythms and traditions in the book and I will answer your personal questions about creating a truly lifegiving table in your home. I will also provide home-cooked meals from the book for you to enjoy! If applicable, the two winners may select a third guest to join, excluding travel expenses. 


Other Available Prizes:


Lifegiving Table Books (5 Sets available)

Five sets of the books (The Lifegiving Table and The Lifegiving Table Experience). Get in on the story early and begin your journey toward creating a truly Lifegiving table in your home! Find out more here.

Lifegiving Music CDs (5 sets available)

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Five sets of Joel's CDs (Music for the Lifegiving Home and Hymns for the Lifegiving Home). Relish in these beautiful soundscapes of piano and strings as you enjoy a scrumptious meal! Find out more here.


Child's First Bible (Tyndale, 1 available)

From creation to Revelation, this delightful volume from Bible translator Kenneth Taylor combines 125 of the most well-known passages of scripture with beautiful illustrations. A wonderful way for your children to engage with scripture! Find out more here.

Inspire Line Art Bible (Tyndale, 1 available)

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Prepdish Subscription (1 Available)

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This amazing year-long subscription provides in-depth recipes, grocery lists, and more to organize your eating and serving of meals! An incredible resource for anyone looking to bring order and consistency to their mealtime rhythms. Find out more here.

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Enjoy a year subscription to Sally's new membership site, Cultivating Life with Sally! Be inspired each month with recipes, articles, videos, and downloadable Bible studies and graphics, around the following topics: Discipleship, Education, Motherhood, Home, and Leadership.


Wood Art - "Strong Tower" (1 Available)

Enjoy this beautifully inscribed, hand-crafted work of wood art! Using a method called "pyrography," this creative artistic expression is sure to brighten your home! Donated by Darlene and Jason Collazo. Find out more here.

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The same unique wood art as the "strong tower" plaque, enjoy this alternative encouraging quote. Find out more here.


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Mary & Martha Ceramic Pitcher, by Erica Stidham (1 available) 

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Look at this lovely pitcher being given away by Erica Stidham of Mary and Martha. The Grace & Gratitude ceramic pitcher features an embossed design with a beaded border and a touch of hand-painting on the top. It features a beautiful setting of I Chronicles 29:13 (NIV). Find out more here.


112 James St Linen Table Runner (1 Available)


Imagine this fabulous 100% organic cotton, hand-cut and sewn table runner on your table! Choose between solid indigo or striped blue and white. Thank you Tara Griesbach! Find out more here.

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Ruth Chou Simons Print (1 available)


Ruth Chou Simons is one of my favorite artists. Enjoy this lovely print featuring Proverbs 24:4. Find out more here.

Gracelaced book (Ruth cho simons, 1 Available)

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GraceLaced is about more than pretty florals and fanciful brushwork; it's about flourishing. With carefully crafted intention, this beautiful volume of 32 seasonal devotions from artist and author Ruth Chou Simons encourages readers in any circumstance to become deeply rooted in God's faithful promises. Includes more than 800 individual works of art! Find out more here.


Food and meals have great significance in the stories of the Bible. Jesus ushered in His ministry by providing new wine—the best of wine—at a wedding feast. The final evening before Jesus was going to be crucified, He strategically set the stage for His most profound messages to be shared with His inner circle during a meal. Following Scripture’s example, Sally Clarkson believes that meals lovingly served at home can be a significant tool in the lives of our family and friends, opening hearts and providing a setting for connection, counsel, and affection.

Thousands have already enjoyed the study guide for the first book, The Lifegiving Home Experience. These are especially designed to be used across a wide variety of settings, from small groups to individual daily use. 

 Join Sally and her children, Joel and Joy, in this guided experience to discover how food, faith, and Scripture come together in your everyday life—becoming the means of passing on God’s love and truth to each person who breaks bread with us.

See more here.



From working on college campuses, to sharing the Gospel behind the Iron Curtain as a missionary,  traveling around the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia to speak on discipleship, Sally Clarkson has tenaciously sought after God's kingdom, and has used her ministry to encourage others to do the same.

From her best-selling books such as Own Your Life, The Lifegiving Home, and her latest, Different, written with her son Nathan, Sally has shared from her heart and home about the value of motherhood and the potential for home to cultivate life, love, and faith.

In 1995, She and her husband Clay founded Whole Heart Ministries, which has encouraged thousands of families around the world in discipling their children.