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Celebrating You Today! A Grand Mother’s Day Giveaway–2nd Day!




Remember if you comment any day this week, you will be entered for a personal phone mentoring session with me!

Today, comment on Desperate,any other of my books, share on facebook or twitter,  and you will be entered for the giveaway–giving away 10 books of mine and another 5 you will be happy to have.

You precious mamas matter so much. Your work is eternal. Your children will stand on your shoulders and bring light to the world. Blessings and blessings to you this week as we celebrate motherhood and as we celebrate you!

Celebrating You this Mother’s Day! A Grand Giveaway! Motherhood Matters!


  John Haynes Williams As I look upon the landscape of our culture, more than anything else, adults who love God with all of their hearts, who practice righteousness, who have a heart to reach others, who stand strong against the moral battles of this day, are what is most desperately needed in our world. God intended for righteousness to be passed on from one generation to the next by discipling those children who would become these adults. It would be they would effectively  pass on God's Kingdom messages and values and loyal allegiance to Him to those in their own generation. The key to building healthy, godly souls comes from growing to maturity in a home where this life of Christ ... Keep Reading

Will Training: Understanding the ways and vocabulary of God Part 2


Exhausting, long, constant are some of the words I would use to  describe my year. As our children have moved into adulthood, Clay and I have upped our work in our ministry-more books, more blog posts, more launches, more international meetings, and sometimes the drain of it catches up with us. A few weeks ago, I awakened one morning and rolled out of bed slowly, looking forward to a cup of tea and a few minutes to gather my wits about me before I started another long day. Joy was home from college. As I walked down the stairs, I heard soft acoustic music gently bringing peace to our living room. On the table was my favorite tea cup, steam coming out, with a rose standing tall in a ... Keep Reading

Discipline: Strict or Grace-based? Somewhere in between–Adults & Children


Nathan, Sarah, Joy and Joel, a few years ago--one of my favorite pictures--Yes, they are still pals and love being together. "You train your children all the time, every time I am with you! I thought if you were "grace-based" that you probably never corrected them!" On most theological issues, I almost always find myself in the middle of two extremes. I neither adopted lenient discipline, nor adhered to harshness, and adversarial discipline. Seems our culture is prone to going to extremes. Especially in child-discipline. And can I also add that we adults are God's children, and He is in the process of disciplining us all the time, every day, all seasons. The answer lies in pondering God ... Keep Reading

If you want to win your child’s heart, don’t go by the rules


TWINS! A Sweet Friend's twins at a Bible study this week. Precious! Motherhood is about the reaching hearts, not about performance! My thoughts are long, but I hope you will be encouraged. Tell me what you think! I remember when I first took Sarah into my arms. I was literally shocked at how much love I felt for her. I kissed her over and over and wept and held her and sang to her and stroked her at every moment. I was not prepared for my heart to be filled with so much wonder, such depth of emotion. Maybe it was because I was in my 30's and had wanted to get married for so long, and now found myself starting a family, which was a miracle to me. A baby from my own body created a life in ... Keep Reading