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Showing Love To Our Children Through Appreciation and Honor


Clay, my man.

Tonight, I am sitting with a smile in my heart. Returning from a whirlwind week of speaking in North Carolina with so many of you precious friends! Last night, as Joel and I flew home from speaking in Philadelphia, Clay and Joy picked us up at the airport and we had 2 hours of drive-home in slick, slippery, blowing snow, bumper to bumper traffic.

But this morning, early, I was heart-filled as Clay, my dear partner in life, gave a most excellent sermon at church. How I love his teaching. He is amazing. And so the rest of the day was spent cooking, setting tables, lighting candles, putting on music to share a birthday dinner to celebrate his 65th birthday!

How precious to remember the amazing ways God has worked in his life and in our lives together as parents, partners in ministry, and followers of our precious Jesus.

So, instead of writing a blog, I spent the evening celebrating my wonderful Clay. But the evening was so well spent.

This week’s podcast fits in a little bit to the evening we just shared. Our relationship through the years has been built through learning to honor one another, to hold fast to our commitments to love and be loyal “till death do us part,” and nurturing and pouring life into this relationship over so many years has reaped a harvest of love, loyalty, seeing God’s faithfulness and preparing together to live the next years trusting Him for more adventures together. So, today, May 2, I celebrate my sweet Clay and ask you all to pray God’s favor and blessing for him. I am mostly thanking God for his generosity and faithfulness through our years together. Happy Monday to you!

clarkson crew

Happy 65th birthday, sweet Clay. Your crew loves you bunches.

Hope you enjoy our newest podcast. Kristen and I love the concept of honoring our children that they can always know the unconditional love they can expect in our home, and inside our love.

Hope it encourages.

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