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Cheer for your Weekend from The Lifegiving Home


What if there was an army of light bearers spread all over the world at outposts where people could come to feel the touch of God, understand the truth of God, experience the beauty of God, witness the joy of God in the place called Home where the reality of God was celebrated every day?


The goodwill of mothers is like the goodwill of God.


home is the place where love makes us welcome, a shelter from which we will not be expelled.



Food is the universal language that eases hearts to open, tying secure knots of intimacy while satisfying bodily hunger, weaving tiny threads of kindred needs into friendship, camaraderie, and truth.



Home is a huge treasure chest filled with the riches of love, feasts, inspiration, great stories, sacrificial love, and all that a heart needs to grow strong and good.


May your home be filled with peace and rest this weekend. Wishing you grace. Thanks to all of you who have been so exceedingly gracious and encouraging about our newest book. You have indeed brought a smile to our hearts and fill us with joy.


Enjoy more inspiration from The Lifegiving Home and The Lifegiving Home Experience. You may find it an any of your favorite bookstores.



I hope you can join me at a web party on Tuesday night. Invite your friends to your home and celebrate friendship, inspiration and sweet fellowship about building a lifegiving home.

Gifts, recipes, printable posters, The 24 Family Ways poster, lovely offerings and a grand prize will be given away during the evening. Send this e-invitation to your friends and join in the fun. Register HERE



Choosing Joy to fill your Home to become Lifegiving &More Giveaways!

"The joy-filled life is not found by diminishing my God-given responsibilities as a woman, wife, and mother, nor can I find joy merely by refusing to face the hard realities of life in a fallen world. There is a tension that God is asking me to acknowledge and accept ~ the tension between ideals and realities. True joy is found by living somewhere between the ideal life and daily realities. That is where Jesus meets me, where His Holy Spirit empowers, and where I learn how to live the Christian life with supernatural joy. To celebrate life is simply a choice." Sally Clarkson The Lifegiving Home Book When my adult children come back home to visit me, the excitement and anticipation ... Keep Reading

Making Your Home a Safe Refuge from Storms of Life &Lifegiving Home Launch Week

Launch week is a test to the normal "live at home a quiet life" Clarksons. As a family that God has chosen to put, at times, in front of the public eye, we have experienced ups and downs of the demands this puts on our lives But learning to create a haven of sacred life and protection, a place to retreat and regroup safely from the eyes of the world, is important to all of us at times. We all have disappointments, failures, stresses. How important it is to find a way to pull back and restore with the grace and love straight from God's heart. Today I share a story from our book. How do you provide a safe refuge in your home so at times, your family can all escape from the pressures of ... Keep Reading

Lifegiving Home Launch Week:Giveaways Galore! Share & Win!

Eighteen inches of snow and still going. We are living through a record snow on launch week. Having been inside for 3 days because the plow has not cleared 2 feet of snow in our street, we are beginning to go a little stir crazy! Since all the Clarksons are hobbits at heart, eating has been a great comfort. Cheesy egg quesadillas, dipped in cherry preserves, (thanks to a generous friend!), fresh chocolate chip cookies and reading Out of the Silent Planet outloud by Joel, and Cheesy potato soup for dinner with candle light, music, and lots and lots of giggles about some funny happenings today. God has provided us with so many pleasures to enjoy and to "Taste and see that He is ... Keep Reading

Celebrating the Lifegiving Home Launch Week: Giveaways Galore!

Two little ones in two and 1/2 years, a blueberry eyed little girl with long straight brown hair and a hundred questions a day and a little baby boy who looked a bit like Winston Churchill with a head that was almost bigger than his little body, who just rolled around and grunted and growled--not the same baby noises I had become used to with Sarah.  Living in Vienna, Austria without parents, support systems, and few friends, I tripped through my days seeking to find routine and rhythms so I could make some order out of life. After 30 days in a row with under 32 degree temperatures and 3 feet of snow lining the sidewalks outside our ancient little Austrian cottage, Clay recognized my cabin ... Keep Reading