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Just say “no” to your child! And other words worth pondering!

10917904_10152862349048876_3521092733616156371_n-1Mom Heart Own Your Life Conference, Colorado Springs

What do I do after a momentous weekend with hundreds of women at a mom heart conference? I sleep extra late, I take my boys out for a meal, I take a hot bubble bath and then I take a nap and finally end the day watching a spy show while eating chocolate chip cookies. I have taken a sore throat with me from the hotel, so I am pampering myself. Tomorrow, I will begin to get back to normal.

So, a number of sweet friends sent me messages, voxers and texts and I decided to let some of them share with you what most stood out at the conference and thoughts they are going to keep with them in their homes this year.

Say no to your children. Teach them to honor you now so that they will be able to accept a “no” from God and honor His direction in their lives when they are older. If they learn to obey you now, they will be prepared to obey Him when they are older.”

“Your life is not your own, but God wants you to own your life for His glory.”

“When a challenge or test comes my way, I will respond out of what I have invested deeply in, all of my life.  I need to constantly refresh myself in the Word so that my well is deep enough for whatever I face.”

Many mothers are under the illusion that some children do not resist training. All children resist training even when we are doing the right things. This is normal.”

Chrystal Hurst, dear friend, powerful speaker.
If you never take opportunities that might allow you to fail you will never have opportunities that will allow you to grow.” Sally
“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, not 7 or 15, he will not depart from it.”Sally
““If you are faithful in the hidden places, those places will become the foundation of your story!  The very place you are is where God is building character.”Sally
You have to give your children a strong foundation of truth, morality, integrity, how to work hard; and then you have to give them a vision focused toward the future– ‘I wonder how God is going to use you in the world? How will He teach you to be strong when you’re tempted? How does He want to use you in your generation?’ Your job is not to control them or their friends or their circumstances– it’s to teach them to see what God is doing and what He is teaching them in those circumstances to prepare them for their future in serving God and His kingdom.” Sally
So much fun to be with Sarah Mae once again!
Comments about the conference:
Sarah Mae: “I was inspired, encouraged and challenged, again! I cannot recommend Sally’s Mom Heart conferences enough! They are inspiring and life-giving and they will send you home not only wanting to be holy and wise and walk by faith, but you will have a vision for motherhood that will motivate you and help you persevere through all the seasons of it.”
Holly P. I was incredibly blessed by the ‘Own Your Life’  conference.  Sally’s words, “The dreams inside us point to the destiny we were created to fulfill” encouraged me to move forward with a dream to continue to ask the Lord to enlarge my capacity as I step out to lead.  I am confident that every mom— no matter what stage of parenting they are in— will be challenged and encouraged by this conference. Two days well spent!
Misty K. “This year especially, I think, Sally’s messages are full of the kinds of questions we really need to be asking ourselves: What will be the legacy of my life? If I know God, does it show? Am I carrying baggage that weighs me down? What might God be asking  of me in the next ten years? What would my children say if the message of my life?”
You will love this great blog post 
So much fun to be with all of these wonderful women. We are having 2 more conferences in the next weeks. You can still register.
California: The California conference is filling up quickly. Please be sure to register at the hotel soon as you cannot register to stay in the hotel after Friday, January 30. The price will go from the conference rate of $94 a night to $250 a night after this date. Tell your friends to sign up soon. Heidi St. John and Angela Perritt and several other seasons speakers will be sharing their hearts at this conference, and I will be speaking 3 times. 
Register HERE
TEXAS This conference always fills up quickly. Be sure and register for the conference and then register for a hotel room. The hotel rooms at the Marriott are already filled but we have another hotel very near that also has a direct shuttle to the Marriott for the conference. Go Here for information. 
Hope to see you there!
What messages did you take away from reading the book, Own Your Life,  or attending the conference? Do share your thoughts!

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