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A Mama’s Walk With God


A Few Thoughts to ponder from The Mom Walk

Each of us has a long road we must walk as a mother. The road is extensive and fraught with adventure, joy, obstacles, dangers, and distractions. How we walk the journey, though, will determine our success as mothers.

As I contemplated what this meant to me, I realized the signifi- cance of this whole concept of “walking” with God as a mom. No one will have exactly the same walk or journey. Our personality, skills, background, husband, financial status, theological underpinnings, children, health, place of birth and residence, relationships, stresses, and so on will be different than any other mom’s. We will each have a unique, individual path to walk. Yet, how comforting it is to know that God has known all the details of our path and our days from before we were born (Psalm 139).

The older I get, the more I have realized that only God sees all the details of my life. Only God has access to the heart and soul of my children. Only God knows and understands the stresses I bear uniquely from my own road of life. Only God has been there in the early hours of the morning, when all is still dark, to know, hear, and understand the struggles and problems of my heart that I have poured out to Him. Only God understands the myriads of feelings I have sifted through in my heart.

I concluded, then, that the success of a mom’s walk through her years of motherhood is largely dependent on her walk with God. If she learns to love Him and trust Him and listen to His voice through prayer and Scripture, then she will walk on a road that leads to success in God’s eyes. It is not about how much we can control our lives and the lives of our children or how well we can live up to standards our culture has imposed on us. It is not a matter of doing all the right things.

It is all about how well we learn to walk this journey with God, how well we provide a godly pattern for our children to follow and teach them how to walk their own paths with God. It is by living in the presence of God and resting in His will and walking in His power and being a part of what He is doing in and through our lives. In other words, the Mom Walk consists of committing to walk with Him as our guide, with His wisdom and perspective, and with Him to protect us and strengthen us. It is God’s will for us to get to the finish line of our mothering journey without being used up, dried out, spent, or depressed. By following His design, we can finish our walks well. He designed us to walk this road with Him.

~ Sally Clarkson, The Mom Walk

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