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Today is a Day to Love Well–I am so grateful for you!


You, my dear friends, made me feel quite loved.

This summer, as I have walked through so many paths of life, your letters and notes were the strength of my heart.

“I love you.”

“I am praying for you.”

“You are on my mind.”

Yesterday, my birthday, was one of the busiest days of my summer as I carry a lot on my plate this week. But, all day long, messages on facebook, photos and songs coming through on my phone, emails of “I love you and have such great memories with you,” and phone calls, flowers showing up at my door, my heart was filled to the brim because of you–my friends.

Honestly, words can’t communicate how blessed I felt.

I was so very surprised–and deeply touched on a day I needed to remember how blessed I am to have friends.

Memories made with so many of you. Sweet words from women I may never meet but cared to leave a message. God knew my soul needed watering–and you were such a gift.

Friendship is the golden gift that God granted so that we do not feel alone in the pathways of our lives. When I consider the question, “How have I made it amidst the epoch moments of joy, the burden of challenges, the tears of happiness deep in my grateful soul, the dark tears of despair, it is my cherished friends who have brought me through.


I awakened with my precious Joy, my kindred, oh so much like me, sweet friend,  bringing me a coffee and treat to sneak outside on our deck, to steal a few minutes of time. How I cherished each little moment. Feeling loved and having some of my “besties” in my own home is a gift I don’t want to take for granted one single day, because very soon again, I will be alone. Today is a day to open my eyes to see what a gift to have someone to walk hand in hand through life.


Of course, the surprise notes, “You have been my best friend,” that touch a mama’s heart, that came from hours and hours, days and days of investing in each other’s lives, is the sweetest and most satisfying taste to the soul–undeserved, but oh so cherished.


Love someone today. Take time to enjoy. Take time to make a memory. Take time to cherish. Love is the most profound expression of our God–that He made us to enjoy the pleasure that comes from feeling love. Today is the time you get to invest in loving well.

Wish I could put up all the pictures of you who have shared life with me.

There are so many photos, memories, stories I could post here, but friendship has made my life worth so very much. I am most grateful for so many of you. Thank you for being my friend and for making me feel loved on my birthday. I am so grateful for each of you.


Sarah Mae is one of my gifts of a friend. She always encourages me. She is so very generous with her love. She cares so very much and I am grateful that out of the many, God saw fit to bring her into my life.

I wanted to be sure to mention her book coming out today. She speaks of longings that all of us have–for fulfillment, for friendship, for adventure.

I hope you enjoy reading her book and celebrating all the moments of your life.


You may get it HERE

May today be a day you love well.


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