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Friday Thoughts: Following the God-given Dreams Bubbling up in your Heart


10933864_603507549750461_7775930438156132596_nSo excited to be here in Denver with hundreds of moms at the Mom Heart Conference.

Have a wonderful weekend–and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit to follow God’s dreams He has place in your heart. Blessings and blessings to you all this weekend.

No Perfect Mamas Allowed! Owning the Messy Times With Acceptance & Grace!


Truly, I have the most wonderful launch team--sweet moms like you and me, who were willing to put a lot of time into helping me get the message of my new book into the hands of as many women as possible. We all have a heart to encourage and come along beside. I have asked  what some of the issues and convictions are in reading through Own Your Life. Here are three sweet friends sharing their struggles in the midst of life and how they are learning to cope. Enjoy! Sally From Misty, Krasawski, mom, wife and great writer. Hers is the beautiful Heart poster above. As we passed cups of tea around my living room discussing Chapter One of Own Your Life this week, my sweet friend’s baby lay on ... Keep Reading

A New Year Brings Freedom, Life, Celebration: Own Your Dancing Spirit

Poster by Gretchen Roberts As I ponder a new year, I want there to be more freedom--more grace--more life, for me and for my sweet friends. I ask you, humbly today, to bear with a ramble of thoughts and words, for so it is. Being immersed in beauty, pink sunsets, crisp breezes blowing in the trees, walking in the quiet of my mountains is almost a craving, a necessity of my soul. Free-spirited from birth, I love the wild, the vast color of God in creation. It matches my personality and suits my soul. I have to get away from the grasp that culture sometimes has on me,  to be able to breathe in God's presence. Now in my 60's, I am reflecting more on what really matters in life and reflect ... Keep Reading

Confessions of a Prodigal Son: Believe forward in Your Children’s Dreams


"Mom, I really think God wants me to be in the film industry and become an actor, or writer or both and tell great stories that inspire people." At almost 18, Nathan had been working on dreams since he was a little boy. To me, his dream seemed like a little boy who wanted to be the quarter-back of a professional football team--it would pass, it was not possible. Yet, the Holy Spirit gently touched my heart and said, "Believe in his heart dreams. He is mine. I may have put them there." And so I prayed, supported, encouraged, helped, and by faith and trepidation, Clay and I let him go to New York at 19 for a year at the New York Film Academy where he had actually won a partial ... Keep Reading

The Grand Prize Giveaway Story–and one more Great giveaway!


Love this poster as our Whole Family loves the story of Aslan! Poster by Misty Krasowski What a fun couple of weeks it has been to celebrate the launch of my book with to many. I wanted this book to be an encouragement and inspiration for women all over the world to engage in God, His love, His generous willingness to bless us, and in the story He created you to tell. Posters have been such a fun part of this launch and I may even have a poster contest as a grand finale for Own Your Life. Last week, we had almost 28,000 entries for the Grand Prize. My wonderful friend and assistant, Kristen Kill and I picked the winner after midnight on Tuesday and contacted her multiple times over the ... Keep Reading