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Graduation Wisdom-What words will your children remember, forever?


There were words, phrases, that my children heard us say over and over again. We wanted to plant ideas, truth about the word of God and about His ways, that would speak to them the  rest of their lives about how to live every moment wisely for Jesus and His Kingdom.

What words of wisdom will you children repeat that they cherished in your home? What would they say are the wise sayings, the wise words that would get at the ideals they see in your home, watch in your relationships, model during the unseen moments of your life?

This week, I am busy morning till night with my sweet family, (minus Sarah in England).

Joy, my baby, is graduating from Biola University tomorrow and we have been celebrating her all week, as well as gathering with our friends here, her friends and hearing all sorts of “Moving into Life” wisdom.

I love being “us” and indeed our family is like a little club together. We all know our mutual personality flaws, the differences between us, we have weathered life together, but we are all each other’s favorite people. How sweet to celebrate these events with other dear friends who were in the area.

Seeing all of these great young adults moving on to their adult lives inspires me to keep pursing our own family ideals. Just thought I would put a poster up to encourage you in some of the things Clay and I have been talking with the kids about–we have talked for years and years about these things, and they still are a major part of our conversation–only now, it is our children saying these things to us!

Happy Weekend.


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