Episode #85: 10 Gifts of Heart, Part Two - A Heart for Friendship

You were never meant, or expected, to do life alone. In this episode, Sally and Kristen discuss how to impart a love of community and friendship to our children. They encourage moms to model how to serve in friendship themselves, as the first model their families will see, and explain what it looks like to serve in friendship through trust, loyalty, empathy and encouragement.

Episode #84: 10 Gifts of Heart, Part 1 - A Heart for Faith


In this episode, Sally and Kristen encourage moms to introduce their children not just to the truths of God, but to His reality in their lives, by showing them the ways that God has entered into their family story personally. They share how the life you create in your home can communicate the reality of God everyday, and inspire a wonder and imagination for God's kingdom in their hearts. 

Episode #78: When You Hit the Wall... Breathe!

We must understand God for what He really is to find a way forward. Seeing God  for who he really is, a kind, gentle Father, one who takes children into his arms, the one who touched Elijah when he was weary and fed him, Jesus, the friend who roasted fish and built a roaring fire for the weary fishermen/disciples and encouraged them, will lead us to trust Him and to put our circumstances into His hands.