Episode #142: Why Christ is our True Comfort & Everlasting Hope

I find myself so anxious to share with you, my precious friends, the joy I find in the message of Christ this year, while deep in the mire of challenges and difficulties. Though I am not able to read or look at my computer or screens because of my eye injury, I have done my best to leave you a podcast message and this blog post that I hope will be of come encouragement to you. Know that you are all in my prayers.

Episode #140: London, Hospitals and Friends

I wanted to update you today about my eye injury, so my friends and I recorded a short podcast for you.  At the end, we briefly mention the new Lifegiving Parent Launch Community on Facebook.  I need many of you to help me as I walk through this valley and struggle through this eye injury.  Gretchen, Misty, and Jennie will guide you and provide ideas of how you can help me get the word out.

Episode #139: Harvesting A Godly Character to Reap A Life of Integrity


Thank you so much for your many prayers.  I am having plenty of opportunities to practice this principle of character training in my own life right now.  I am still seeking answers from eye specialists as I continue to battle pain from inflammation and possible infection in my cornea.  My vision is still very impaired.  I would so appreciate your continued prayers for wisdom and healing.  I know that the One who is walking with me through this is faithful.