Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day! You are the best! :)

flowers austriaWishing I could give each of you a bouquet of flowers!
Happy Mother's Day to all of you sweet, wonderful, sacrificial mamas who give so much to your children.
For all of you who give over and over again, and overcome the weariness.
To the ones who may not be honored today, but will have rewards in heaven.
For you who are the servant leaders that Jesus understands.
Your lives are not invisible--but so very precious to the one who chose you to be the mother of those sweet ones in your home. I wish you rest, peace and love today! (and a maid and someone to wash your dishes!) You are my heroes!
May your hearts be blessed and filled with an understanding that your love is the best kind of love. May you have a long nap, and a peaceful heart, and an inner sense that you are so very precious.