Now More Than Ever: Motherhood Matters & A Special Podcast

No matter who you voted for, the last week has been a time of introspection for all of us who call ourselves "Christ followers." I have been through my own journey of discouragement, pondering, feeling powerless, and insignificant. Christian leaders in the news have been living lives that reflect compromising choices in the midst of all the online mess. Why have I felt a little bit dark? Because I am deeply disturbed by the hate, the reaction, the poison on the internet, the fear and dramatic reactions in every spectrum. No matter what the outcome, or what people were expecting, shouldn't our trust in God lead us to be godly and generous in our love for others, because we trust that He is ultimately still on his throne?

Yet, through the week, I have been dialoguing with Clay, my children, my close friends. In them I have found a wealth of thoughtfulness, a deep and abiding love for Christ and a call to arms, so to speak. For this day we have been made. For this season we can shine brightly through the darkness of the world's messages. Today, I wanted to share, once again, by way of reminder and refreshment, a video I made years ago that reflects a picture of how profoundly the role of mother was designed by God to shape and cultivate deep faith in every generation. 

Your work every day, all the time, is not in vain, but will reap an eternal harvest of faith in the lives of those given as a gift to your home.

The more time I spent with the Lord this week, the more my heart was impressed that this past few months has been a revelation as to the temperature of the hearts of Christians. And, in seeing so much fear and need, I have feet a renewed call to teach, write, instruct and encourage women.

This is the time to engage in walking closely with the Lord.

 This is a time that is ripe to reflect on the  stories of from the heart ofJesus and then,  to more intentionally reflect His light and truth to a world that is lost,  but is longing for direction and leadership.

Skype, face-time and long phone calls have filled my days and nights with my children all over the world calling to talk and reflect on what is to be done. As it happens, Nathan has been home this week and the conversations we have had have also deeply encouraged and inspired me.

What I have seen is the each one has felt a call to faithfulness, to serve and to give with fresh vigor. They have seen the vast needs of those around them as those with whom they can share the deep secrets and love of Christ. To them, the drama of deep needs has encouraged them to step up to the bat to invest in Kingdom messages even more intentionally. 

And I have realized once again, that the investment of time, the daily reading of scripture, the moment by moment correction of bad attitudes, the diligent reading of stories that inspire, have all been planted in their hearts that are alive with harvest. We can trust God, in His faithfulness, to accomplish what concerns us. He delights in working through every day people like us who desire to trust him to do "above and beyond what we can ask or think."

I know so many of you feel your work is in vain, fraught with disruptions, craziness of immature children. You feel out of control, and as though you are failing to live up to your own ideals. Yet, it is in the warp and woof of life where great souls are formed. Even as gardening is dirty and messy business, so the gardening of children's souls appears to be the same, messy and out of control, a lot of work and a need for constant attention. 

Yet, eternal truth must be planted every day to take root in the hearts of our children. Deep faith and love must be growing afresh in our own hearts for our children to witness and copy our own faith. Greatness of character is cultivated, watered, pruned and fertilized with the faithful sacrifice of mothers who realize that the next generation of adults are living right in their own homes. 

I have been reminded, once again, that our homes should be the outpost in this dark world that brings light, beauty, refreshment, inspiration, traditions, and feasts that fill the heart, soul and minds of those who live there. We can build homes that are a lighthouse in our own towns.

Kristen and I have created a special podcast about our thoughts and hope they will encourage you today.

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