The Different Book: A True Story of Hope That Will Change Lives

The house was pitch black. I had to hold fast to the stair rail to be sure I didn't fall, in case I stumbled amidst the thick darkness. Three a.m. found me wide awake. I had gone to sleep exhausted at 10:00 p.m., but my heart was so burdened with worries, I had awakened and just had to have some time to pray. I did not turn on any lights because I needed privacy. I had so much to figure out.

On my knees, I sought with all of my heart to reach God, to find him amidst my questions. I am quite certain that one of my pleadings and pouring out to God through tears was, "God, why did you give me a little boy that I cannot understand? Why are you making my life so hard? I do not know what to do, how to reach him, how to ever have peace in my day. Please, God, please help me."

 Always when I tell stories about my sweet Nathan, moms say to me, "I have a Nathan!" What they always mean is, "I have a child who  is challenging for me almost every day." Nathan is such an amazing blessing to me now, and many of you know him through his work in acting and as a writer/actor/producer of Confessions of a Prodigal Son. But others of you who have followed us for years, know that he is my adhd, ocd, odd, dyslexic, other mysterious issues and my out of the box, bigger than life son, argumentative, son.  

As a little boy, Nate was always out of the box. When others walked on the sidewalk, he was on the grass, running around the bush, playing air fights with imaginary dragons, and living in a super man world in his mind. He wiggled, questioned, was loud and vibrant and fun and never liked academics but loved great stories and literature and heroes and discussion.

Many people wanted to label Nathan with consonants and vowels and or tell me to spank him more, but after many years of studying him, trying to reach him, train him, understand him, I knew in my heart he had the making of a great man and he needed a whole lot of love, patience and faith. I also knew that he was a lot like me--just made to be active and questioning and out of the box of norm. I can now see in my own life, that what has always felt like too much for me--my personality--was just what God needed me to be so that I would love speaking and writing and traveling all over the world.

And so with Nathan, I learned over many years how to love, encourage, train, confront, and to slowly believe in his dreams. Probably hundreds of times, I prayed that God would help me support the person that God had designed him to be. I believed that maybe God did make Nathan to go into the world to be a "superman"--his favorite childhood character--one who would come to our world and save and help and redeem those who needed someone to save them.

All you sweet ones who are worried about your adhd, odd, ocd kids, autistic, Aspergers, physically disabled, too loud, too quiet, difficult or "different in some way" child, know that you are not alone. This book was Nathan's idea. "Mom, we need to encourage others who feel out of the box or have an out of the box child so they can be encouraged by our story." And so Nathan's idea is now this book.

I am so excited to finally be able to write about Nathan's and my new book:

His story, my story--together, our perspective of what life was like and we made it.

His story, my story--together, our perspective of what life was like and we made it.

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