Come, Let Us Adore Him!

“Oh, come let us adore Him.”

One evening several years ago, I was enjoying the sweet fellowship of friends at a Christmas gathering. I was captivated by a tiny, three week old baby girl, wrapped in red velvet and sleeping soundly in her mother’s arms.

Musing on her delicate little hands, and the tiny lips that opened slightly with each deep, sleepy breath, I was struck by her vulnerability. She was totally dependent on her mother for her very life. Cries of hunger would be satisfied by this mother’s milk. Unaware of her need for protection, clothing, and the necessities of life, this little baby’s well being would depend on the benevolence of loving parents. Her very intelligence, moral fiber and vision for life would be shaped by the love bestowed, the integrity lived out and the words treasured and spoken in the moments and experience of life. Everything she would become was at the hands of two young adults.

These thoughts led me to the birth of Jesus. The one who commanded the myriads of stars, galaxies, earthquakes and storms and who could number the hairs of each person born, subjected Himself to a fallen world by placing Himself in the hands of frail, fallible human beings. That God would condescend to become a baby, dependent, vulnerable, and powerless brought amazement to my heart. Total humility was expressed in this miraculous birth in which the God of the universe was willing to bow His being into the most delicate of forms in order to eventually redeem this world back to Himself—to become the conqueror of all evil and powers of destruction the world would hold.

What humility He modeled for us, coming as a normal baby to live amongst the earthy animals, in the presence of the stars and world He had made and entering into the youthful passion of newly-weds, ready to parent the One who would become the redeemer of mankind.  Mixing deity and humanity in the midst and subjecting Him to the form of a family, spoke to me of the holy design. Even the Son of God would be cared for and prepared to become the Savior in the context of family life.

How exalted a position we have, that like Mary and Joseph, we receive into our homes those dependent children whose souls and lives will be lived with eternal consequences. Home is a place where holy destiny can be embraced. The birthplace of Jesus was humble, but the consequences of His family life were noble and the outcome redeeming. I realized that the power of Christ was not in material possessions, fame or prowess, but within the integrity of His very being—lived out in a very normal neighborhood but in the supernatural power that is expressed through the Holy Spirit living in integrity amongst the community of men.

I pray that His humility will give us confidence to live humbly. That the integrity of His heart will shape our words and actions. And that our family will be that place of redemption from which others may always find His peace, power and love.

Our family wishes all of you and your own precious families the best of all that our Savior brings to us through the wonderful celebration of His miraculous birth.

May all of you experience His peace that passes understanding, His love from which we can never be separated and His hope that fuels each of our days with strength until we see Him face to face. Merry, and blessed Christmas to you and yours!