Finding Real Rest After Christmas And A New Podcast!

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Episode #123 Finding Real Rest After Christmas



I just finished our fried chicken Christmas feast with the kids, and sighed with relief knowing that I had almost finished my seasonal marathon one more time. The days after Christmas are filled with cleaning up, putting up, putting away--and still people want to eat and have our attention and wear relatively clean clothes or at least underwear. Our lives as women and as mamas are indeed stretching. 

What a perfect time to ponder what it looks like to find rest, to engage in peace of heart and mind, to invest in our own well being. I hope that our podcast will be encouraging to you. And I have a series planned for January and February that will help inspire you to reset your life focus or at least bring it into clearer vision so that you can feel excited about the spring months ahead--as sometimes these are the times that s-t-r-e-t-c-h out and can tax us to our toes. 

I hope our thoughts will give you cheer this holiday week and that you will take a deep breath in your lives. Grace to you today and you ease back into your holiday week for one more yearly event-New Year's!!!!! 



Today, Sally and Kristen begin a three part series on peace and rest of heart that accompanies Kristen's new book, Finding Selah: The Simple Practice of Peace When You Need It Most. Our adrenaline may be low after the holidays, the blues of winter setting in, or perhaps our circumstances in life or the posture of our hearts match the bitter cold outside. The good news is that God desires to meet us wherever we are and bring rest and peace to our souls. He long to walk with us, to fill us up with Himself and with beauty that whispers Heaven to us. We hope you can gather a few friends together, read the book along with us and be encouraged that Hope and Rest are here, even in the most hectic of days.


-What are we holding onto in our lives that makes us crave rest so desperately?

-How to take time to identify the areas that are draining and overwhelming you.

-How becoming aware of areas where our life feels dissonant or unsettled is a way that God can speak to us and help us to turn to him.

- Understanding the word Selah as a pause that gives us time to reset,restore, prepare, and listen to the song God is singing over our lives. There is a re-orientation of our lives to God's heart when we rest and take time to bring our burdens to him.

-Withdrawing vs. drawing close to God and others

-What happens when we live in denial or attempt to avoid quiet time with Jesus?

-The truth that God offers us a soft embrace.

-The promise that is conveyed in the verse: “Be still and know that I am God.”

-How we can looking to the Psalms to help us form words for emotions that feel too big for us or that we feel numb to express.

How do we endure in difficult circumstances we have no control over?

The gift of steady and mundane mercies with our children. The way we are refined by the gifts of those rhythms.

Mothers as metronomes in their homes-setting the tempo.


-Psalm 136

-Mozart studies in the Cultivating Life With Sally Community Website

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