Are you A Different Kind of Hero?' Read A Guidebook for Misfits like you & Me!

Scripture is full of imperfect, fearful warriors and champions—men and women who didn’t quite fit in. In other words, it is chock-full of stories about people who aren’t so very different from us.

We each struggle with failings or shortcomings—our own reasons for feeling like a misfit. We may have ways of thinking or patterns of behavior that make life challenging. We may be struggling with physical limitations, learning challenges, or mental illness. We may be socially awkward, painfully shy, or seemingly too outspoken. Any number of factors can make us feel somehow essentially different. 

In this week’s devotions drawn from A Different Kind of Hero, we highlight a story of a biblical character who dealt with his own challenges, pointing us toward the truth that God can—and does—use “misfits” like us. (Thanks to Christianity Today for choosing this book as their devotional of the week.)

One of the benefits of reading thousands of books with my children was that all of them have become people of words--messengers--writers. Sharing devotions, ideas, convictions, stories over many years has shaped each of our hearts, minds and souls. How fun it has been to be able to work with my adult children on  my own on books and study guides. Problem is, now I think they are better writers than I am and I need to step up to the bat to craft my messages as well as they do. 

Joel, my composer son, happened to be home for a couple of months when I was working on the deadline of this guidebook. He said, "I love the hero tales we read over the years in scripture. Do you want me to help you get this book written?"

Joel recorded one of the stories for you to listen to! Listen to one of the stories below--you will love hearing it retold. 

 This book takes the spirit of what was shared in Different, and looks at it through the lens of scripture. Because Joel is a gifted writer, composer, and artist of many mediums, and today, below,  he reads his own writing in the book in audio form. I can't wait for you to hear it! Please make sure to grab your own copy and enjoy this amazing adventure. - Sally

I was so excited to get to share in the "Different" journey, by working on the companion bible study, 'A Different Kind of Hero'. The book is inspired by the story of my mother and brother in the main book, and how they walked a "different" path; this guide takes you into stories like theirs from scripture, stories of giants of the faith who marched to the beat of a different drummer. From David to Elijah, Ruth to Rehab, each of these individuals saw God use their difficulties, limitations, and varying personalities to change the world and usher in His magnificent goodness. If you feel different, or know someone who does, look to scripture; you will find reassurance that God isn't interested in perfect; He's interested in taking exactly who you are and crafting it into something amazing.

I'm especially happy to be able to share a chapter of the book in narrated form, read aloud by yours truly. Take a listen to Peter's story, and be encouraged today to find the grace that God so desires to instill in your life. 

- Joel

You can find the rest of the stories in the guidebook. Let us know what you think!