How to Choose a Great Read-Aloud

When I think of pleasant, lyrical words that somehow perfectly describe my thoughts, my mind leaps to the beautiful words of a well-know character in a story, dear Anne of Green Gables. She has a way of cultivating beauty wherever she wanders. Anne can look at a serene sunset, describing its beauty and be reminded of the goodness in this world. She wanders under wavering willow trees and hears the sweet whispers of the wind.

Hearing beautifully written stories, shapes the imaginations of our children, which is truly a gift to them— a gift to be able to see the mystery and magic of our world now, and a preparation for what is to come. 

So, what is a ‘great’ read-aloud? How do I know if a beautiful story like Anne of Green Gables should be read independently or as a read-aloud? One possible indicator is when your child says, “Mom, will you please keep reading….just one more page? Please!!” You know you’ve likely found a great read-a-loud when your your kids are asking for more. There are numerous books out there that have a captivating story and are also wonderfully written. CLICK HERE to read more on the Storyformed site