Storyformed Summer, Part 1: Staying In & a New Podcast

Hello Storyformed Friends! In this NEW podcast episode, Holly Packiam and Jaime Showmaker share ideas about how to be intentional with  SUMMERTIME! You may be dreaming of what you would like summer to be filled with, but in reality your summer days may look like all the others. 

Even if many of your summer days are spent indoors in your normal routine, listen as they share ideas for how to make time with your kids meaningful. And of course this intentional time involves reading inspiring books! In Part 2, we'll share ideas for getting outside and reading books that will inspire a love of nature.

In addition to the books mentioned in the podcast, you can download the Summertime reading lists (PDF's) for 10 year olds and 12 year olds. 

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast and to download the summer reading lists.