A Wholehearted Booklist

One of the requests we get most frequently here at Storyformed is for book lists. We love to give recommendations and, while we are always working behind the scenes to curate the very best books for you and your family, today we thought that we would point you to a list that our lovely founder, Sarah Clarkson, compiled.

Storyformed is an arm of Whole Heart Ministries, founded by Clay and Sally Clarkson. The mission of Whole Heart is "to encourage and equip Christian parents to raise wholehearted children for Christ." As part of that mission, Sarah has frequently spoken at conferences about the impact of story in the discipleship process. She created this list of recommended children's literature in response to requests for book recommendations from her talks. We hope that you will enjoy this resource and then take some time to look around at all of the other resources that Whole Heart Ministries has to offer as you and your family live a story worth telling.

Click HERE to view Sarah Clarkson's list of recommended children's literature.