Remembering To Care for You

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Episode #95 Remember to Care for You



The summer Podcast series on the 10 Gifts of Heart has come to a close and you might be wondering...what next? With all the issues springing up in our world that cultivate fear, separation from others, how do we maintain a strong spiritual and emotional life? How do we cultivate in ourselves what we want our children to learn and draw from? 

We've spent the last couple of months discovering how to pour the truth and principles of God's word into our children's hearts, but we wanted to take a moment to let you know how very important it is to Remember to Care for You! In this episode, Sally and Kristen discuss why they believe that now, more than ever, it is of vital importance for mothers to understand their value and their worth in our culture and to care for their own souls as they continue to pour out to those they love.

As the school year begins, they remind us that it is not the curriculum you buy, or the activities you are involved in that will matter most- but that you are the conductor of life in your own home.

Who you are is what you will pass on.

The first of a two part series, Sally and Kristen will encourage you to understand your identity in light of God's view of you, which is a stability that will serve your children through their whole lives. 


-How surprising circumstances in our own lives caused us to re-imagine our roles and personal convictions this summer.

-How being faced with difficult tasks can become a blessing

-The glory and beauty of womanhood and the gifts given to women as cultivators and civilizers

-New research about what gives women a sense of contentment and fulfillment

-How God has called us to be mothers because He intends for us to be a part of His kingdom work. Building souls, enriching minds, giving a sense of confident morality, inspiring a heart to believe in the story God has for them to tell is the way that healthy souls are shaped.

-Why a sense of cohesive belonging is significant to your child.

-Why you can’t become someone of eternal significance if you don’t know who you are and where you are going. 


Here is the work for this week as we seek to understand God's Heart and plan for our own lives. As Sally and Kristen said in the podcast, if you believe God is a loving God who came to rescue us, to guide us, to strengthen us, to fight our battles, to care for us, to show His love to us, then you will live by faith and freedom every day, teaching your children to expect to see His graciousness and provision.

But, if you fear of Him is the primary feeling accompanying your heart; If you feel He is disappointed with you or sees you with all of your flaws; if you feel He doesn’t really care that much about your life, then you will not be reflecting a proper view of God to your children and from you they will live to perform and measure themselves by works, they will learn to fear God’s rejection. Consider the following questions this week. Take some time to pull out your journal and pen and ask God to accompany you in this process. 

Answer these questions:

1.     Write a short definition of who you are as a person and what attributes you would like to define your life.

2.     What areas would you like to grow in this year? What specific goals can you make to see this happen?

Episode #85A Heart For Friendship (5).png