The Secrets of Bringing Your Table to Life! A New Book, A new podcast!



The LORD of hosts will prepare a lavish banquet for all peoples on this mountain; A banquet of aged wine, choice pieces with marrow, And refined, aged wine.

Isaiah 25:6

I am bubbling over with excitement to share with you the release of my newest book, The Lifegiving Table, coming out October 3. For the next month, I will be sharing with you about table discipleship, building an atmosphere where relationships can flourish and convictions are shaped and heart strings are tied together through the thousands of meals that will take place in your home. In a world where people experience deep lonliness and isolation, we all feel a longing to connect, to have a place where we belong, to find solace from the demands of every day life. 

It is my hope that many of you will feel deeply encouraged and inspired as you read the journey of our family as we shared table together over these thirty-six years. I believe that more than anything else, our table is where faith, moral strength and convictions were shaped in the lives of our children. It was the place we shared our lives and won people to our faith, not through arguing with them, but by sharing in the pleasure of being together around delicious, comforting food and a beautiful atmosphere.

Food, feasting, gathering around celebrations is one of the most Biblical and life-giving ways to share in the goodness and reality of God. If you can invite someone to your table, in an atmosphere of love and welcome, you can influence them for life. 

In one week, the last of my children will fly home from London to join our family in one more time of celebrating who we are, this crazy Clarkson clan, what we stand for, what messages we want to leave as legacy. And all of this will be celebrated through feasts shared together, tea times, strong coffee on our front porch while watching the sun set and just being together in our cool Colorado mountain air.

This reminiscent of other times. but it all happens around feasting, celebrating life together and entering into the close fellowship that has built over years of gathering together over meals. 

Today, I hope you will share this blog post with your friends. If you share it in any place and on social media and I will choose two winners to receive a signed hardback copy of my book.

Also, be sure to look at my Lifegiving Table launch page where you will find out about many wonderful gifts I will be giving away on October 3 at our fun facebook live launch party, including two people winning a trip to my home, a hotel stay and a day with me in my home and at my table, for mentoring and fun. The details are listed HERE.

It will be such a fun month sharing about my stories and recipes. I hope you will enjoy my podcast this week, too, where I share about the why your table is so very important for influencing and shaping the next generation right in your home through simple meal times.