The End of a Busy, Exciting Week!

Here we are, at the end of one wonderful, wacky week! I've been hosting Nathan's wonderful film crew, making meals, picking up visitors, having great conversations, and sharing the bursting life that's been filling our four walls all week long. What a joy to have so much happening, even when I find myself collapsing into bed at the end of such busy days!

"From the time they were little, our children were included in our hospitality efforts. When we were expecting guests, each child was given a task to complete to make our table ready. Setting the table, cutting flowers, lighting candles, putting on music, cooking, meeting guests at the door, and making them feel welcome in our home were standard responsibilities shared by us all. Because we wanted our children to learn conversation skills, each one was to think of one question to ask our guests. There were even times when they were asked to give up their room or their bed for someone who was staying with us—a great lesson in serving.

Another important way we taught hospitality to our children was encouraging them to invite their friends over as often as possible. We served juice and cookies to toddlers, lemonade and sandwiches to ten-year-olds, pizza and popcorn to teens, and enough chocolate chip cookies to fill a fleet of semis. We opened our rooms and our yard to study groups, kids’ clubs, and lots and lots of games. In the process our kids learned even more about what it means to welcome and serve others." ~ The Lifegiving Table

And so here we are once again, practicing what we've preached, and loving every moment of it.

I hope you are enjoying these last few days and weeks of summer! There's been so much happening here I don't want you to miss:

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