Home, Where you Belong


“Where we love and are loved is home, home where our feet might leave, but not our hearts.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

I can't even begin to count how many close friends I have made over a meal or cup of coffee or tea. There is something about stealing time away from the "busy" of life and sipping something wonderful, smooth and warm while sitting in an environment where secrets can be shared, silly moments discussed, sympathy is poured out and dreams become real in the speaking. 

Strong coffees in Vienna with new friends who became "besties" gave me a love for tea times.

Saturday morning omelettes and cheesy egg quesadillas became the foundation of a Saturday tradition that knit my heart to my sweet daughters.

Tea times on my front porch with would be friends opened hearts together so we felt understood. 

Tea Time Discipleship is what I call it. It is a strong draw to pull together when the atmosphere has been set, the table is laid, and the person feels welcome. 

Recently, my sweet Joy, returning from Scotland and finishing her Master's Thesis, came home at the end of the day exhausted and in great need of a warm mama hug, and a "I am so grateful to share this time with you," hour of pure caring for her. We all need that place when we can come depleted and hope that someone will care for us. And if we are sensitive to the needs of other beloveds in our lives, we will provide that for them. Listen to an evening not long ago about how, by grace, I was able to turn a normal evening into a precious, friendship building memory. One of the glories we learn along the way is the fulfillment of becoming life artists in our own spaces.

Next Tuesday evening, I will have the privilege of sharing and celebrating my new book, The Lifegiving Table, with many of you. When I have launch parties, I love sharing pdf's and posters you can print out for your friends who attend your own local party so that each person can have something beautiful to take home. Next Tuesday night, I will be giving these small posters to the friends gathered at my table. If you would like to share them with your friends or just have them for yourselves, sign the form below and you will get the pdf's we have prepared for the party that night. Here are a couple of the ones you will receive when you sign up on the form.

A beautiful frameable pdf for your wall.

A beautiful frameable pdf for your wall.

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There are several pdf's that my amazing team at Tyndale has created for us. Have them printed at your local office supply store for a dollar or two and you will have a nice gift to give to those who come to your launch party--or just print it for yourself. Hope you enjoy! Just fill out the form below and you will receive it in your in box. 

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