Help me Launch my new book! The Lifegiving Table & A Giveaway!

If you loved The LIfegiving Homeyou will want The LIfegiving Table to complete your set and to be even more specifically inspired in reaching your family and friends with the love and life of Christ. (For all the details of the launch, a fun party, and  to read about prizes, a free trip to see me and the books, go HERE to the launch page.) 

Can't wait for you to read my new book and be inspired to leave a legacy through your family table.l

Can't wait for you to read my new book and be inspired to leave a legacy through your family table.l

I am deeply happy and overwhelmed at my life these days. We launched our Cultivating Life with Sally course, (read about it HERE), and all of my adult kids are home for just 5 days together.  We had family day today and have every day so busy and full! (Thanks for all the emails and messages I have already received from those of you who are so excited about our new course!)

And here I am, in the midst of it all,  launching a new book. A lot on my plate. But the more time I spend with my family this week, the more I am convinced that our table, our picnics, our tea times, our breakfasts where we share life over thousands of meals has been one of the most faith formative things I have ever done. Will you please help me get this book into as many homes as I can? I would love to come along side and help others gain or be inspired in their vision of how to disciple their children through the thousands of meals they will share together over the years. My home is noisy, loud, messy and yet full of good life. My children are not always easy, but they all have a secure place to belong and a people to be a part of. Here is just a little of the kind of stories you will find in these pages. 

Days before converging on our home for a family gathering this summer, both of our sons called me.
“Mama, I can hardly wait to get there.”
“What is your favorite expectation about coming home?” I asked each of them.
Both boys answered with almost the same words, even though they were now separated by two thousand miles: “It is the feasting every night around the table with delicious home-cooked food, being each other’s best friends, talking about every possible subject and sharing in each other’s lives . . . that is my favorite part. I need my people. I want a place to belong.”

It’s no accident that they feel this way.

Creating a lifegiving table in our home was a priority for me from the very beginning, and I put effort and intention into making it happen.

In The Lifegiving Table, join me as I share the lessons my family and I cultivated carefully through years of sitting down together; cooking, baking, and preparing meals; and practicing the disciplines of teaching manners and fostering conversation.

You’ll discover the legacy of creating a lifegiving table in your own home, as you knit your hearts together to form tight bonds that will not easily be broken.

Because so many people are excited about this book, many people have provided fun gifts that we will be giving away on our launch night Facebook Live party--details below. We will be giving away books and all sorts of goodies for you to use in your home at your table.

I will also be with my own friends talking about how to inspire your table. I hope you will use the invitation below (or the one in your timezone found on the launch page) and have a fun party with all of us. 

Two women will be chosen to fly to my hometown at our cost and stay in a hotel near me to spend a day at my own home for mentoring and friendship. (And you may invite a friend to come with you if you win is she is willing to pay her own airfare.) We shall have fun. Two winners, one from comments left here of how you shared and one from the instagram contest where you will share a photo of your own table. Read all about it on my launch page. (

And look at our instagram party contest while you are there. Below is the invitation I am sending to my friends who are joining me in Nashville where I will be. But you can join us anywhere if you use the invitation below. (and my overseas friends can decide if they want to stay up or not) 

Mark October 3 on your calendars and invite your friends. You can find the invitations like this for your own time zone on the launch page  HERE.

Mark October 3 on your calendars and invite your friends. You can find the invitations like this for your own time zone on the launch page HERE.


Because we want to support our small groups, and we love building friendships over book clubs, if you purchase five or more copies of Lifegiving Table for you and your friends, you will receive a special downloadable BEAUTIFULPDF designed with questions to stimulate Table talk with your children, and a lovely PDF for tea time discipleship to refer to when you have your special times with friends. (we have all sorts of beautiful posters and a recipe for you to print out for your friends who attend your party as a favor, too.)






We will be doing an exciting giveaway during our Facebook Live Launch Event! Many have donated amazing items as gifts that we are able to offer here, There are two ways to win:

1. Share something about The Lifegiving Table book on any social media medium you regularly use between September 5th and October 3rd, AND leave a comment on any blog post during that period that you have posted on social media, and we will enter you in for all of the prizes. You may post multiple times on social media for more entries, just make sure to comment on blog posts on every time that you do! That is the only way we can enter you in to the context.


2. Enter our Instagram contest with a photo of your own lifegiving table and have your friends leave comments. The ten who have the most comments will be entered to win one prize of a trip to visit me. (Go here for more information or


To be eligible to win any gift or the grand prize, you must become a subscriber of, as we want our winners to come from our community here. 

- The contest winners are picked randomly, using a number generator. All submissions have an equal opportunity to win any of the prizes. 

- For the two grand prizes one winner will be selected from each contest (one from the social media contest, one from the Instagram picture contest).

- There are no exceptions to these rules, except at the discretion of the contest administrators.

Again, here is the Grand Prize:

Two airplane tickets to Denver, transportation to a hotel near me with a night stay, and a day with me at my home and table for mentoring and fun! We will discuss the rhythms and traditions in the book and I will answer your personal questions about creating a truly lifegiving table in your home. I will also provide home-cooked meals from the book for you to enjoy! If applicable, the two winners may select a third guest to join, excluding travel expenses. 

Go HERE to see the rest of the giveaways. We will announce the winners during the launch party. 

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Food and meals have great significance in the stories of the Bible. Jesus ushered in His ministry by providing new wine—the best of wine—at a wedding feast. The final evening before Jesus was going to be crucified, He strategically set the stage for His most profound messages to be shared with His inner circle during a meal. Following Scripture’s example, Sally Clarkson believes that meals lovingly served at home can be a significant tool in the lives of our family and friends, opening hearts and providing a setting for connection, counsel, and affection.

You will love reading this study as a personal devotional, with your children or as a Bible study with your friends. Be inspired by the stories found in scripture around eating and feasting. 

Thousands have already enjoyed the study guide for the first book, The Lifegiving Home Experience. These are especially designed to be used across a wide variety of settings, from small groups to individual daily use. 

 Join Sally and her children, Joel and Joy, in this guided experience to discover how food, faith, and Scripture come together in your everyday life—becoming the means of passing on God’s love and truth to each person who breaks bread with us.

See more here.

What a fun month I hope you will enjoy with me as I share some stories, podcasts about how to build your own atmosphere of disicipleship, fun and influence, and some of my own recipes. You can find many in the book. 

If you share this post or about my book, enter to win one of 5 hardback books. Contest closes Sunday at midnight. I am so happy that my book will be in hardback for those of you who want to underline, keep the recipes and refer back to it for years.  

You can pre-purchase it at Barnes and Noble, HERE

or at Amazon,  

(Save your pre-order receipts and be eligible for winning some of the downloads and recipes in the days ahead. More details to come in the next few days.)  

Thanks to my many friends who have helped me celebrate my new books through so many launches in the past few years. You are my heroes!