Convictions Come Through Table Talk (A New Podcast!)


"If a woman says she wants to have an abortion, and she calls the baby a "fetus" what does that tell you about what she thinks about life, her baby, God's design?"

****The answers that came around our table: "They don't think of the baby as a real human being!""They don't believe that a baby is created by God and has value for eternity." "They don't understand their connection emotionally and physically to the baby inside of them." "They don't believe that God personally created a person that has a personality, abilities, and a story to tell."

It was these kinds of questions that flowed around our dinner table when our kids were teens. We wanted them to think logically, to engage in truth for themselves, to cover a variety of cultural and moral topics in our home, at our table, to exercise their intellectual muscle before they were confronted by all the answers the world, media, peers, television and movies  when they left our home.  

If you want to equip your children to stand strong for truth, for Christ and for family values that includes a high picture of morality, marriage, sex, the foundations of scripture, world view, then you must gently engage over the years, little by little, day by day.  It is best for children to hear about controversial subjects from their parents than on the internet.

Convictions are not naturally a result of just being alive in a home, they must be discussed, cultivated, engaged in and embraced. It is why I am so excited to share my book with you if I can help you think through some of the ways you can help shape the values and souls of your children through table talk. 

On our podcast today, Kristen and I will be addressing some of these issues that we have seen as important in our home and why. And I think you will love another way you can find more speakers to listen to right in your home. 

Starting this week, a wonderful organization call Axis, is sponsoring a conference to help equip educators, parents and grandparents to better understand how to talk to their teen children about important issues from a Christian point of view.  I was asked to speak to the issues of how to mentor and disciple your children to walk with God and I think you will enjoy hearing from many of the speakers presented. You may read about it below as well as see some of the posters they are putting up about my own opportunity to speak to parents. 

To Find out more information about this wonderful conference, go  HERE

To Find out more information about this wonderful conference, go HERE

Save Your Seat for the Parenting Teen Summit: Hope

Doesn’t it seem like culture is changing every day? Teens and pre-teens face tremendous pressure from social media, peers, and even family members.

As parents and faith leaders we play a significant role in shaping our child’s faith into the future. Imagine learning how to better parent your teen or pre-teen from some of the most informed voices in faith and culture… for free.

I’m excited to announce the brand new Parenting Teens Summit: Hope hosted by Axis from September 11th through September 30th.

The Parenting Teens Summit is an online experience designed to help you thrive as a parent of a teenager. We are so happy that you will be able to hear talks from one of your own favorite teachers, Sally Clarkson, as well as:

Experts will cover topics like

  • Your Teenager's Not Crazy - Jeramy & Jerusha Clark
  • Mentoring Your Children -Sally Clarkson
  • Addictions & Your Family - Dr. Doug Weiss
  • Teens, The Screen & Your Family - Dr. Kathy Koch
  • Sexuality in the Next Generation - Dr. Juli Slattery
  • What Should A Grandparent Do? - Larry Fowler
  • Building Faith as a Family - Steve Arterburn
  • Save Your Marriage While Raising Kids - Dr. Les Parrott
  • Missions Trips & Your Family - Mark & Cathy Cornelison
This is a promo photo Axis is sending out to thousands of people that you can also use if you download. Hoping lots of parents are inspired by this conference. 

This is a promo photo Axis is sending out to thousands of people that you can also use if you download. Hoping lots of parents are inspired by this conference. 

Sign up today for this FREE online Christian conference for parents through September 30, 2017. 

50+ Amazing speakers, including our own Sally Clarkson, provide tips and encouragement to help you and your teens build lifelong faith with a session releasing September 15. (I will be speaking online on SEPTEMBER 15 through a video.)

CLICK HERE to Sign Up for the Summit

The goal of this online conference is to help you help your students build lifelong faith in Jesus. Our friends at Axis (the hosts of this summit) will have three categories for this summit:

CLICK HERE to Get Your FREE Summit Ticket

CLICK HERE: Join The Parenting Teens Summit

Episode #99 Convictions Come Through Table Talk




The basis of having influence

Why and how to transfer worldview

How to help our children to see temptations rightly

How to help our children see God's ways as blessing

How to give our children rootedness and a place of belonging in the midst of their questions

The importance of taking a vow and what it means as a wall of protection in our lives

Daniel as an example of righteousness in his generation

Technology and how to prepare our children for encountering sinful content

Giving our children a strong will 

The issues necessary to address with our children to prepare them for living out their faith in our culture.


The Axis Conference

Two Benedictions

Cultivating Life With Sally

The Not So Good Samaritan

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Buy your copy today and join Kristen and me for a 6 week discussion about discipleship and mentoring principles for each chapter of the book. Can't wait!