The Importance of Peace-- and the Peacemaking Couch!


"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9

He always.......

gets his way, takes my toy, gets the biggest piece, makes my room messy

She never......

cleans up, does her share of the work, says nice things to me, helps me

No one understands me

Everyone criticizes me

I hate you------ooooooohhhhhh!

Sin means we fall short of God's holy standards-it means to be separated from His perfection because of our imperfection and self-centered disposition. And yet, scripture says that those who are peacemakers will be called sons of God.

They will be most like Him.

It cost everything for Him to make peace with us--His servant-oriented, humble, life-giving heart made a bridge between us and Him. And so those who lay down their lives, become servant leaders, and humble themselves will also bridge the gap.

I love what Peter said; he who knew how much he desperately needed and was healed by the peace-making of Jesus. He wrote, "Love covers a multitude of sin." All of us are in great need of this sort of grace.

I have a close friend who designated a peacemaking couch in her home. When her children were arguing or fussing, she would read them scripture about making peace, using words to bless, and the importance of forgiveness. Then she would sit them on the couch and say, "Neither of you may get up from this couch until you have made peace with one another, prayed, forgiven and can tell me that there is peace between you." And so, the children learned that they were responsible to make peace with those with whom they were angry. They learned a pattern for marriage, for work, for friendship that will last the rest of their lives.

All of us are pretty petty and selfish and angry from time to time, but if we all had a peace-making couch and couldn't leave until we made up, we would have such sweet, grace-filled relationships! Indeed, we would have such a close resemblance to God, we would be called sons of God.

Even my children, at this age, occasionally become irritated at each other, (same with Clay and me! We are still not perfect yet!)  We had a little session the other night of peace making--I don't tell them they have to sit there until they make up any more, as they are a little old for that! But I watch them work out their relationships, humble themselves, repair hurt feelings because they know that we are those people who have each other's back. We are those who try to move forward in love. And now it doesn't take quite as long as it has become a life habit.

Is there anyone you need to bring to the peace-making couch? Perhaps a husband who needs a warm cup of grace and life-giving words and forgiveness? A child who is hormonal? Or two years old? or just being childish? A friend who needs forgiveness? A parent? A fellow believer? Siblings who need to find a way to cultivate love and a pattern of grace?

Maybe today, peace could bring about an atmosphere of grace and heal and reflect His glory, to make this day a new beginning.

It has reminded me, this week, that another way I may worship and become more like Him is to determine that  peace-making is a focus of my life, and that as I cultivate it in my home, friendships, marriage, neighborhood, church, I will indeed reflect Him, and find His peace filling my soul and my home.

May the Peace of the Lord be with you. The Lord is near.