Our First Five Reads Of 2018- KIDS EDITION!


Two weeks ago, my Storyformed podcast partner, Holly Packiam, shared on the blog her first five books of 2018. It generated such a lively response and many questions, so I thought that I would share with the same list--with a twist! Here's the first five reads of 2018 in the Showmaker household--the kids edition!


The Wanderings of Odysseus by Rosemary Sutcliff- My older two boys began reading this over the fall semester with our local homeschool community, and we have been finishing up the last few chapters during the first weeks of 2018. It is a wonderful retelling of Homer's Odyssey and I have been pleasantly surprised at how engaged they have been in this ancient epic. The tales of Odysseus' journey home from the Trojan War and his encounters with creatures such as the Cyclops, the Sirens, and others are told in a way that is both engaging and appropriate for younger ears. If you can find a used copy, the edition illustrated by Alan Lee is particularly beautiful (caution: that edition does contain some nudity consistent with classic artwork portraying ancient Greek goddesses). 


The Last Archer: A Green Ember Story by S.D. Smith- We are huge fans of The Green Ember series, and this latest installment was just as beloved as the rest of the series. Set in the same time period as The Green Ember (book one in the series), this novella tells the story of Jo Shanks, an archer in the same battalion as Picket Longtreader and his journey from Halfwind Citadel to Cloud Mountain. It is a thrilling story, revealing the perspective of a minor character from The Green Ember during a crucial moment in the epic adventure. My boys really loved the action and character in this book, and I was enriched by the depth that it brought to the rest of the series. 

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