Building a Legacy of a Lifetime

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My life is all about legacy.

Every day of your life, you have the potential of leaving a godly model to follow, a kingdom message to believe, an integrity that is holy and a purpose that is eternal. God has allowed you the opportunity to touch eternity with your life by giving these gifts to those children he has entrusted into your hands. Live into your legacy and you will change your world forever. 

Sally Clarkson

When i became a believer, I was immediately challenged to ponder how I might bring the light of Christ to my world in my lifetime. I was instructed about investing in people by serving them, showing them the love of God by my words and actions, and inspiring them with the messages of Jesus. Discipleship is what it was called. And so for years, I reached out to others to do just what I had been taught--to pass on a vision and passion to fulfill the eternal purposes for which we had been created.

And then I had children...

Light dawned in my heart that my children would be the most important disciples I would ever have. I understood that I would answer to God for building a legacy of faith into their lives. I knew I would be responsible for reaching their hearts with the love of God; teaching His truths and moral excellence, giving them the ability to think profoundly, encouraging them to become educated in order to use their skills and calling for God, and to pass on the purposes of God which alone would fulfill their longings and desires to live meaningful lives.

The experience of building my children into godly adults met deep needs in my heart to connect to what really mattered. Then Clay and I decided to host conferences to pass on this knowledge to other moms who longed to have meaning in their motherhood and to understand how to fulfill their profoundly important role as mentors of their children--to pass on a godly heritage.

Then came 16 books, over 60 national mom's conferences for thousands of women, 11 years of thousands of blog posts, hundreds of speaking engagements all over the world and a podcast plus webcasts that reached over 2 million women in downloads.

And with all of this, our own ministry legacy kept growing. How could we combine all that we learned by raising our own children, now adults, into an even more effective ministry? 

Our membership site, Life with Sally, has become the new arena where we see the Holy Spirit taking us beyond all that we have been able to build before to create and cultivate a movement of mothers who will, together, bring righteousness and truth to reach all over the world through the legacy of their children.

Today, I am so very excited to be able to share some new news about our site. Ten of us have been working hard to make it more beautiful, better organized, and to provide even more areas of inspiration for you to enjoy. Hundreds of women have already been enjoying the rich material we have provided in the first few months. We will be adding new video content, parenting training, educational input and instruction, a forum where women can meet and share, some videos from Clay and me as we travel to historical places in England while we live and minister there, a new arts and visual arts expert, a quoteables and notables section, and so much more. 

 We will be launching a new phase of Life with Sally on February 12th.

On the updated site you will find beautifully curated video and audio of me teaching on all of the areas I am passionate about along with outlines and printables to help you practically put the truths and ideas into practice.  You will find audio and video from our inspirers discussing music, art, and literature. There will be book lists, helpful resources, recipes, traditions,  and more! This material will only be available to those who have joined our membership. I will also be hosting live webcasts through membership where we can connect, and I can share more with you.

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And coming soon is also a MEMBER FORUM where you can connect with other moms, ask questions, discuss the teaching sessions, and more!


--Click the arrows to see slides of the newly designed Life With Sally membership home page--


Many of you have asked about upcoming conferences, and my hope is that my Life with Sally membership site will be like an ongoing conference for you each month where you can be encouraged and inspired with Biblical truth, practical helps, and make connections within our community! Many of you helped us lay the foundation in the past six months, and now we're building a bigger website to be a bigger ministry in this new season of our lives. I know we all dislike price increases, and our bigger building will need a small increase so we can keep it growing, but we'll try to make the transition easy.

The price of an annual subscription will increase to $149.00/year on February 12, but you can join Life with Sally for the next 10 days at a special promotional rate of $129.00/year. If you're already an annual subscriber, you don't need to do anything. Your subscription will continue at your current rate, and won't change as long as you renew annually. If you'd like to become an annual subscriber, for just the next 10 days you can join at the promotional rate of $129.00/year (as of Monday, February 12 that rate will increase to $149.00/year). Your promotional rate will remain the same as long as you renew annually. Our new monthly rate (as of today, February 1) is now $15.00/month. If you are currently a monthly subscriber, upgrade in the next 10 days to an annual account to save $50.00/year off the new monthly rate. If you remain on the monthly plan, your rate will increase to $15.00 on the first renewal after February 12. This $129.00/year promotional rate will not be offered again. Act now, and tell your friends.

Which leads me to another special offer. If you share about Life with Sally on your social media, and comment on this post that you shared to let us know, you will be eligible to win a free ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION! We'll be giving away two (2) one-year annual subscriptions. Just share a comment below about how you shared about Life with Sally.

We so appreciate you, the friends who help us keep this ministry going to reach women all over the world. Your lives are what inspire us to keep going forward in this new adventure of ministry. Thanks so very much for the encouraging comments and notes on all the places we share our messages. Your words have meant so very much. God bless all of you with His grace and love.