Discovering That Beauty Changes our Lives and the Whole World - and a New Podcast!

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Episode #125 Discovering That Beauty Changes our Lives and the Whole World



We're all chasing rest and beauty and delightful interludes, aren't we? But why? What do we crave at the root of that desire? Today, Sally and Kristen dive into the third and final podcast in the series that accompanies Kristen's new book, Finding Selah: the Simple Practice of Peace When you Need it Most. They share about the longing for beauty that we all have deep in our souls and discuss the only way it can ever be satisfied. They talk about real ways that we can practically grow in peace in our real lives, and the reason they are so passionate about sharing delight and visible joy with their children. Do you want to change the world? It begins with discovering beauty that changes your whole heart!


-How to take action and allow a practice of peace to sink deep into our lives.

-God's heart for us to receive the gifts He gives us with joy.

-The fact that rest is often active and often requires that we yield or surrender. 

-Activities that are restful to each one of us and how you might implement them in your own life.

-The transformative effect of rest in our lives- and the way it equips us to pour out our hearts to others. 

-How we cultivate spaces that knit beauty and peace into the lives of our children, and all those we influence.

-Finding the root of all beauty in Jesus, and learning to trust Him and be satisfied in our relationship with Him as a pattern that shapes the rest of our lives.

-Why its so important to talk to give our children a home, a table, and an education that all speak life- that all give them a vision and a picture of heaven- that guide them to the heart of God.

-God's provision of his people when they had great fear and anxiety.

-The gifts of our "miracle babies" and the way God softened each of our hearts through the joy of motherhood.


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We'd love to give you an opportunity to win some of these amazing prizes from Magnolia to celebrate the launch of Kristen's book this Tuesday!  Share some of the ways you capture beauty and Selah Moments throughout your day by taking a picture and using the hashtag #findingselah so that we can see what you post! We will share our favorite photos and ideas and select the winners during the launch team Facebook live at 9Eastern/6Pacific on Tuesday, January 8th at