CS Lewis' thoughts on the Table (Lifegiving Table Ch. #4)


My life has been so very busy and crammed full of people the last few weeks. Friends from America came to help with a leadership conference in my home and stayed over 10 days; Joel came for 8 days and stayed with Joy and me to work on projects in Oxford and then Clay came for 2 weeks, so it has been 5 weeks since we have had no visitors in our home. What fun we have had and I loved catching up with Clay. This is our year of deployment, only I am deployed. I am taking care of baby Lily each week so Sarah can finish her Masters and Clay is home taking care of the ministry and home. But we are both adventuring back and forth and having fun.

One of the guests who frequents our home is Dr. Michael Ward who lived at the Kilns, C. S. Lewis’s home and is an expert on C. S. Lewis. He did a podcast with name a year ago on “table” nd now today, he has joined me for another mini-podcast on why the table was so important to Lewis and Tolkien in the writing of their books. Enjoy and read below to find out about a year ago when Dr. Ward had joined me the first time to talk about table.

Sometimes God provides a serendipitous gift that delights your heart, but you didn't even know to ask for it. Dr. Michael Ward was such a gift. He was Sarah's first private tutor, (Professor, to us!), and over several years of events that we all shared together, he quickly became a family friend.

So, naturally I thought I should ask him to give us some insight on the importance of "table" in the life of C.S. Lewis, as that is his expertise. He shared so much more. I know you will love this recording of our most recent discussion! What’s even better—I’m also including a recording we did last year when Dr. Ward visited with us in Colorado, so today you have two podcasts in one.

It is such a joy to welcome people to my table, and having discussions about what we’re studying, learning, exploring, and enjoying is an integral part of every meal. Listen in!

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