Artists, Writers, Musicians, Wordsmiths: This suits the Clarksons & Podcast


In the old days, farmers taught their sons and daughters how to farm and to make a living from the gardens, the livestock. Those who ran the general store did so with the help of their children. Our family seem to all do the same thing—write books, speak, do music and craft messages. It is what the Clarksons do. You would never ask us to be your accountant or physician, but we all seem to have the same basic make-up—artist, writers, musicians, message makers.

And we are hobbits and eat and drink all the time. And we talk endlessly.

I thought it would be fun, before everyone started to head back to their homes, to share a little bit of this community we share together with you.

One of the most consistent messages we spoke to our children’s heart was, “God has created you with a place in His kingdom story. He gave you a personality, skills, desires so that you can use the uniqueness of who you are to serve Him and bring His light to bear through you.”

A desire to know that our lives matter, that we have meaning through the days we live is a deep desire of all of us. We tried to draw that longing for purpose out from our children’s hearts.

It is so fun to hear their ideas, see their passions and to know that all have a desire to use their gifts to honor God in some way.

Clay, who was a major inspirer in our home, was at the office working today, so he did not get to throw in his two cents worth. But the rest of us gathered around the mic before we sent Nathan on his way. Hope you enjoy our podcast. Maybe one of our ideas or projects will inspire you to imagine some unique ways

God might use you in 2019. May He show you that all of your days have great meaning.

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I hope you will follow us there.

Happy New 2019.