Friends Help Light Our Way! (Plus a quick, simple recipe--Veggie Wraps!)

veggie wraps.jpg

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”  John 1:5

Traveling is a pretty big part of my life, and some years ago I had flown to Nashville a day early for an event so I could stay with my beloved friend, Gwen Todd, in Kentucky. Gwen was the first friend who taught me the value of commitment and love as I worked alongside her in ministry. We are indeed like sisters.

Except … Gwen didn't meet me at the airport. I found out that she was stuck in her Kentucky cottage with her elderly mother, who was quite frail and required Gwen’s constant care.  They had been without electricity, lights or heat for the past three days and nights because of an ice storm!

So, another dear friend loaned me a car and I stopped at a store to quickly pick up a meal and drive to Kentucky. It was like a ghost town--no working stop lights, no store or street lights anywhere, trees fallen in the street … As I finally approached the house after two hours of driving through the dark, I saw a candle in the window of one house amidst a street of darkness--a candle my friend had lit for me!

 I eased into her driveway, knocking countless icicles off the bushes as I climbed out of the car. It was a winter wonderland, even in the dark. When I went to the door, there was my sweet friend, with candles aglow in the rooms beyond. She had found out I was coming from  a very short cell phone message that had finally gone through after two days. She actually had some chips and cheese waiting for me --the last fresh package of cold food to be had.

What a fun memory we made eating in candle-light, storing up one more memory of adventure. How thankful I was to be of encouragement to her in the midst of feeling alone in the dark--as she has helped me through years and years of crisis in my own home and she adopted my children when there was no other family to love them. So I owed her in a big way and was so blessed to sit in our gowns, cuddled under piles of blankets and enjoying the candlelight and life.

Life is so filled with challenges, unexpected stress, and draining circumstances. But friends are made to fill those voids and to bring the light of love into the dark places. Friendship and relationships that bridge the years of life require commitment and kindness. I have received endless love from Gwen and now we have this memory in our minds forever.

It happens that I am hoping to move into my flat before Sarah has her baby and I have been writing down some meals she and Thomas love that I will be able to throw together her first week of mamahood.

I will share with you another recipe from a  friend who served me in a time of need--and that Sarah loves.

 My friend Cindy inspired us, many years ago!

Random Veggie Wraps

Just sautee whatever veggies you have in the fridge--onions, carrots, chopped broccoli, mushrooms, peppers--you get the idea. Heat up whatever type wrap you like best, then smooth on a layer of humus (you could use mashed pinto or black beans, too!) Then, cover with mashed avocado, plus lime and/or salsa, and spread your veggies over the top! You can add chopped lettuce or cabbage on top as our salad finish and wrap it up! (I have to admit, my boys love this as long as I add some grilled chicken or ground meat. We all love our extra protein.)

Hope you'll enjoy it! There are tons of recipes in my book, The Lifegiving Table. Find it here on Amazon!