Taking Risks: OYL & Becoming the Mom You Were Created To Be & Podcast

You are never too old to set another goal

or to dream a new dream.

C.S. Lewis

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Plopping down into the worn, red velveteen recliner, I sighed all the way from my toes. Nine o'clock found me exhausted, weary to the bone and discouraged.

"Clay, this motherhood committment is harder than I ever imagined. I feel like there is relentless housework, I miss having a little of my own independent life, I often feel alone and as though I don't know what I am supposed to be doing or that I am doing it wrong. And I just wish I could have a break or someone to encourage me to tell me that it mattered."

"I love the kids more than anything, and want to be a godly mama for them. I also feel such a need for a break and some encouragement for my personal life, my vision and how to move forward with confidence."

At the time, my children were 6 months, 71/2, 10 and 12 1/2. I can still remember that night when Clay and I began to dream and talk about shaping a ministry to mamas so that they could find the same kind of encouragement I needed. 

This was a moment of faith for us. Pondering what was on the heart of God for inspiring moms to fulfill their sacred role. Planning together, where to host a conference for moms, who would speak, what would be the messages, how much would it cost, how would we advertise.

This week in Own Your Life, I am talking about owning your life by living by faith. It starts with a heart for God, a mind bathing in the waters of scripture and wisdom, and a willingness to work hard and step out into faith to use your life for bringing him glory. 

And so this was the beginning of our own story of faith those many years ago. Since then,  I've been encouraging moms for over 25 years through my books, blogs, podcasts, webcasts, and events.

  • Over 20 books on Christian motherhood since 1998
  • Blogging and social media continuously since 2007
  • More than 2 million podcast downloads since 2016
  • More than 60 hotel mom conferences over  21 years
  • Dozens of webinars, webcasts, and video events

So now, Clay and I, in our mid 60's, are making new goals and dreaming new dreams. How might we develop a ministry, in this time of internet, that could become a community of moms all over the world receiving training, inspiration, instruction, and community using all that we have built over the last 25 years.

So today, I am happy to invite you to look at the result of our newest faith venture: A monthly membership course called Life with Sally! (Clay and my friends came up with this simple name so you could remember it.)

I've loved connecting with women through all of those ways in our past, but Life with Sally is different than anything I've done before.

It is the help and hope I wish I'd had for my own journey of motherhood.

You have so many choices on the internet. How you invest your time online as a Christian mom can be a constant challenge. Does it make you a better mom, or compete with your mom time? Probably a little of both,

As an older mother now with four grown children, who are living vibrant lives and who love the Lord, I see more clearly than ever that my role as a mom was indeed if great importance and has eternal value. So,I'm investing my time here, to give back to moms, like you, the wisdom and truth I've learned in my mom walk with God.

My heart's desire is to be an online source of encouragement, to help you be the mom you want to be.

Life with Sally can help you be the loving and faithful mom you want to be.

When you join me here on Life with Sally, you'll have anytime access to a deep well of exclusive and uplifting content, curated by 15 people, all who have messages of inspiration, educational and interesting videos on musicians, authors, the best children's books, artists, Biblical instruction, ideas of making your home lifegiving through recipes, organizational videos, ministry training, leadership talks, downloadable posters to print out to share with your family, bible studies, podcasts, a forum, legacy talks from years of my ministry and so much more. I am absolutely amazed at how beautiful the site is.

We have full time staff whose job it is to work every day on the graphics, the web design, the audio files, the pay wall, the forum as well as a team of 15 who invest in this site every month. .I promise you—your bucket will never come up empty when you dip into any of our four areas of lifegiving content:

  • Inspiration—Bible study with Sally, talks on books, music, and art
  • Legacy—Curated messages from Sally's 20+ years of speaking ministry
  • Resources—Series by Sally on selected books, lifegiving home tips, and more
  • Connections—LifeLines Forum, LifeWords Journal, exclusive webcasts

You'll find all this and more only on Life with Sally 

The very brief window of childhood will close so much sooner than you expect. Life does go by so quickly. 

I hope you'll let me and my team come along side you to  be a seasoned voice of lifegiving help and hope to be that mom that you see in your heart.

Today, we are launching our second chapter of Life with Sally with twice as many contributors and twice as much material as the first iteration.  We hope you will take time to look at the site and join our membership so you don't miss out on a single month. 

A Giveaway to 8 winners. 

We are giving away 8 monthly memberships (2 months per winner or we will extend the membership for the annual members who win by two months.) If you are already a member and you win, just let us know and we will extend your yearly membership by two months. 

If you share about our new membership this week on your places of social media, let us know what you did below in the comments and we will give away a month free to 8 more people so that you can enjoy all that is there to date. 

You can download and share one of these posters for extra entries credit. 

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For two more days, the yearly membership will be at the reduced promo price of $129 a year, less than $12.50 a month--the cost of a few coffees. The regular yearly membership price of $150 will begin at midnight of February 14. 

Go HERE to see the Preview Site: LifewithSally.com

Hope you will be able to join us!

It is so exciting to imagine what God might do through this new venture. Will you join me in asking Him to touch lives of women all over the world? So honored to be a part of such a great team of women and to be connected to this wonderful community. I wish you a wonderful week. 

Your paid subscription to LifewithSally.com supports our staff and operations that enable us to continue  and expand the work of Whole Heart Ministries. Thank you!