Spring Fever, Once Again!


As I'm eye-recuperating, I thought it might be nice to share an older post about Spring fever!

It all began in St. James Park, near Buckingham Palace, a couple of weeks ago. Sarah and I were meeting on her spring break from Oxford to write a book together. I was sequestered in a small hotel room with a computer and was supposed to be writing a profoundly insightful book. It was just 38 degrees outside, but the daffodils were telling a different story. I had to take a walk to clear my poor little overworked brain.

Every year, spring fever hits me hard. So now, I just give into it, because I am a smart girl! :) Truly, there are times when I can't do one more responsible thing. I am a driven person, you see, and I can get a lot done--as all the moms in the world I know do most of the time, but.....

I may never write or blog or do anything productive ever again! Mounting up over daily life right now in order to be responsible just seems impossible and overly demanding.

My house needs organizing. Groceries need to be bought. Meals must be made. Birthday presents for Clay, Sarah and Joy who have May birthdays, need to be gathered. Commitments are piling high as I ignore them.

It seems my brain is empty and I just want to play, nap, or watch a movie! I want to eat something wonderful without thought of calorie or fat or sugar--or washing the dishes-- all by myself, with no one else to even taste my piece!

Right now, I do think I am desperate for about a year off, with a maid to wait on me while I serve everyone else. Perhaps a long vacation or journey to a new place, uninterrupted time with the closest of friends to some place beautiful and restful where someone cooks all of our meals and cleans up for us (probably a beach!) and no responsibility or calls or demands, and no one needing me for one single moment. Maybe we could kidnap our children and escape to the mountains for a few days.

So, is anyone else having spring fever? Anyone else out there need a mid-year adventure?

Just wondering............Want to play hooky with me today?

What would you do to escape if you could?