Lifegiving Parent Podcast Series: Lara Casey & Launch Week!!!

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Launch week is finally here. You will have our new book in your hands any time now if you have pre-ordered it. Clay and I will do a special podcast series starting next Monday, May 7, following the book, that you won't want to miss. You still have time to order the book.

What a great couple of weeks we have had interviewing parents of all ages of children to hear their thoughts on the secrets to parenting to reach our children's hearts. I am so excited for you to hear my podcast today with Lara Casey. You will be inspired.

Lara inspires me. Clay and I were great planners. We would meet every 6 months for a half day to plan goals for ourselves, for our children, to assess how we were doing with previous goals and to dream about what we wanted our home and family to grow in. 

I wish I had had Lara's beautiful powersheets to use for our days away. She says she is "passionate about helping women get unstuck, unrushed and living on purpose instead of by accident." Through her books, her blog, and her store you can find wonderful ideas and planning tools to help cultivate a flourishing and sustainable life. 

Find Lara's blog, books, powersheets and everything about her at

Lara and I have decided to give away some gifts to help you flourish as a parent. She will give away her wonderful Write the Word for Kids Journal and Powersheets intentional goal planner along with the gift of our new book, The Lifegiving Parent, and companion guide, The Lifegiving Parent Experience. 

To enter the giveaway, follow both of us on instagram and leave a comment on either of our profiles to share how you want to cultivate life or flourish as a parent this summer. Leave a comment in both places and you will have more opportunity to win. 

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Be sure to order your book soon and share this fun week with your friends. We will have fun giveaways every day. i realize that many of you do not have instagram, so if you leave a comment below where you have shared about this giveaway, i will include you in the giveaway.

Enjoy this podcast! Hope you win!

Thanks so much for sharing about our new  book with your friends.