Fun With The English Language in the UK & Podcast with Joy & Joel


I love England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Wales--all that encompasses the United Kingdom. 

Love my friends all over the UK and Europe.

Love adventures of all sorts. 

Our family has a very strong heritage from places all over the UK and Europe. Our families originally came from these areas and we were missionaries in several different countries around. We love our friends here. Especially in regards to the UK. We Clarksons are passionate about literature, words, theology and messages. Books are our friends. Tea is a favorite habit of life. Walking long distances as a way of life is a preference. And I personally enjoy the history, architecture, and civility. We couldn't be more grateful for being able to live here. 

But, anyone who has moved to another culture knows that living in a new country always means adjustments, learning to understand the values and priorities of the people of that region, becoming familiar with the different foods. Finding the housing, banking, bill structures, driving and so much more to be a contrast to our own home countries, adjustments of every kind will create a steep learning curve. .

Yet, perhaps one of the most challenging issues is language. Though people in Oxford and all the cities where my children have lived here do speak English, there are many differences in the ways we use words and communicate with one another. We thought it would be fun to share some of the ones we have observed and experienced in our own lives. Often when we speak our "Americanese" people look closely at us to try to understand just what we said. Perhaps it is the accent but often it is the way we use words. 

Today, just a "wee" bit of fun to pass your way. 

Cheers, everyone!


Two Benedictions: Joel and Joy with original music on the shores of bonnie St. Andrews. 

Two Benedictions: Joel and Joy with original music on the shores of bonnie St. Andrews. 

We are an artistic bunch: books, music, movies, scripts, cd's. Not a scientist in the crowd. Many of you who have followed J&J have written to ask me about the music we have shared on fb and other places so I thought I would go ahead and put the info here. Enjoy!

Joy and Joel are making a beautiful new album and you can get a download of the first song by supporting them on Patreon! They want to make all their listeners part of the process as they write and record all their new songs, and they need your help. They have just released a lyric video for their first song, are offering this version of the song as a download exclusively through Patreon, so make sure to head over there and sign up to support them. By committing $5 per song, you’ll get full access to their Patreon portal for exclusive ‘living room session’ versions of all the song, plus videos that give a peek into their writing process together, interviews about life in Scotland, and live performances only available for subscribers to their Patreon page. Head over to their Patreon to sign up! Thanks friends!

You’ll love their music. I listen to it all the time and it fills my heart. But then, I am their mama.....!

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I know you will enjoy hearing Joel's and Joy's newest song as Two Benedictions.