How to Really Love Your Boys! With Nathan & A podcast

Nathan and me blowing away at Westminster Abbey in London!

Nathan and me blowing away at Westminster Abbey in London!

Our children, especially boys, come to us in all sorts of shapes, sizes, issues, personalities and skill sets. I must confess that I struggled with all of my children in different ways at different times. But at some point, I finally had to realize that I needed to make peace with my precious children and the puzzle I was given to figure out with my own different ones, as all were quite unique. 

Looking at their hearts, seeking to understand their God-given personalities, giving myself a lifetime to become more mature and more wise, gave me the space I needed to figure out the puzzle of children I had been given. 

Nathan was in England for the wedding of a good friend this week and left room to visit me for several days. Both of us talked about how many emails, messages and letters we keep getting from people all over the world who have been encouraged and inspired by Different, the book we wrote together. Yet, our conversation together drifted to the subject of how all kids, especially boys, need some crucial pieces of support to ease into their roles as men. 

We recorded a podcast about how to love your boys in such a way that you can stay close, even through the teen years.  (And I think it all applies to girls, too! :). The stories we share are from our lives. It was fun for me to hear Nathan's perspective. 

Thanks for all the letters about our book Different. We are honored by your messages and pray God's grace for each of you as you go through your journey with your own boys.