Lifegiving Parent Podcast Series: Jennifer Fulwiler


What fun to talk with Jennifer Fulwiler this week!  Jennifer is a radio host on SiriusXM, bestselling author, speaker, and mother of six. She says she's doing her best to live without limits, without guilt, and without much sleep, and adds ...

"My latest book, One Beautiful Dream, is about how to love and appreciate who you are, even if you’re imperfect (which we all are). In it, I detail the struggles I went through as I tried to find how to use my God-given gifts while still putting my family first. I even giggled out loud when I read the first chapter because it was so real to me. 

"My “me time” is my two-hour daily radio show, The Jennifer Fulwiler Show. I also chronicle my daily experiences on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where I post about severed doll heads and the complexity of life. I’ve been a guest on Huffington Post Live, Fox and Friends, and other national television shows, which taught me it is extremely important to have a professional blow-out if you’re going to be anywhere near television camera lights. A crazy religious awakening in 2007 inspired me to start blogging about my adventures and mishaps in spirituality, which eventually led to my first book, Something Other than God."

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 4.20.46 AM.png

"I live in Austin, Texas, with my family of eight and 130-pound dog. My love language is being left alone in silent rooms."

Now you know why we had such a great time talking! Be sure to leave a comment here or at my instagram page: Sally.Clarkson to enter to win a copy of Jen's book, One Beautiful Dream.

Find Jennifer at her blog, here: Jennifer Fulwiler . I hope you'll enjoy listening to our podcast today!