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"I have loved you with an everlasting love, I have drawn you with unfailing kindness." Jeremiah 31:3

When God looks at us, his children, us who are fearfully and wonderfully made, He cherishes us as we are, His very own beloved children. If we could picture Him holding us thus, and looking tenderly at us, how differently we would feel in life. We would not worry what others thought. We would understand our great worth. We would treat others with more grace and acceptance for what we had received in our hearts.

From Genesis to Revelation, He is there creating beauty for us, providing for us, teaching us, dying for us, preparing a new home for us--ever the lover, ever the compassionate Father. He does not see us as failures, but as His children in the process of growing, on a journey toward maturity. 

I have been meeting with my national team of directors this weekend. We are passionate about coming alongside you to encourage you on this long marathon of motherhood. We know that you are strategic as mothers because you are helping to shape the hearts, minds, and souls of the next generation of adults. Your hard work will last for eternity. 

My team has developed the most beautiful, comprehensive and inspiring membership for our community. We dreamed about providing content each month that would feel like a mini-conference to inspire women. We envisioned articles about biblical leadership and helping women grown in their faith, Lifegiving Home traditions and articles, stories for children about musicians and artists, the best lists of storybooks moms could use with their own children, Bible study, legacy talks from me given over the past two decades of ministry, recipes, downloadable posters for table talk, group ministry ideas, and so much more. I just can't believe how beautiful it is. This is a small sample of what our over 1000 members received June 1, and a sample of what they receive each month. 

Our June content. 

Our June content. 

With 15 contributors and a staff of techies who support this site, we were able to make it as affordable as about 3 coffees a month. Join us and women from every continent to be inspired, supported, and encouraged in your own journey as a woman and mother. We have you in mind every month as we prepare new content for you. Read more about it HERE

Summer is a great time to refresh your heart and mind and we have special articles planned for this summer to give you some soul restoration. 

You'll find all this and more only on Life with Sally

  • Bible Study with Sally—Reflections and devotional thoughts from Sally's personal studies of books and topics of Scripture.

  • Legacy Talks by Sally—Encouragement in six areas of life curated from two decades of Sally's ministry and messages.

  • Topic Series with Sally—Special series by Sally drawn from her books and other resources for living as a lifegiving mother.


  • Book Talk—Discussions about great children's books and family reading with Holly Packiam, Sally, and Sarah Clarkson.

  • Arts Talk—Discussions about music and the visual arts with violinist Terri Moon, Kristen Kill, Joy Clarkson, and others.

  • Lifegiving—Thoughts from Sally about building a lifegiving home, creating a lifegiving table, and being a lifegiving family.

  • Private Forum—A forum only for Life with Sally members to ask questions, discuss topics, and find community.

  • Much More—Lifegiving home and table tips, topics, and recipes; special offers and downloads; insider news and information. 

Join me today on my podcast as my leaders share with me their own struggles and difficulties as moms as well as their own vision for what women need. 

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