Feeling Invisible As a Mama? Cheering You On!

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"For the ways of a man are before the eyes of the LORD, And He watches all his paths." Proverbs 5:21

I think one of the things that can make me feel weary is feeling as if I'm invisible. And of course, most of our mama-life is invisible. This noble cause we embrace is often fraught with relentless repetition, exhaustion, draining of our emotions, and spiritual challenge. Yet it is also the very place we are called to worship. This is the place faith is being forged and character is being modeled and love is going deep into the hearts and minds of your children. This is why I champion the cause of motherhood. What you are doing matters so much. And Jesus, who sacrificed His time, emotions, and ultimately His very body, sees you and is so very pleased, cheering you on from the heavenly realm.

No one said to me, "Yeah, Sally, you chose to be patient with one more ear infection and sleepless night! Congratulations, you are the queen of children with mental challenges, three asthmatics, and even one with some learning issues! Of course all four are sinful and fuss and make messes and want to eat and wear relatively clean clothes every day. Congratulations, you are so very patient with those hormonal teenagers, you just waited for your toddler to get over his tantrum and you handled it patiently--you a hero!"

One of the strengths and profound work of a woman, as I have said many times before, is to bring civility and order out of chaos and to bring beauty, intelligence, and excellence in subduing her kingdom of home into a life-giving haven.

My home and all the little choices of each day became my sanctuary of worship, my sacrifice of praise. Bringing light into the potentially dark corners of our lives together, singing and dancing and celebrating God's reality in the mundanity of dishes, late nights of Winnie the Pooh and ear infections and steamy showers to alleviate croup, these are the places my children felt the comfort and grace of His touch through me.

It is indeed the glory of a woman when she chooses to love and embrace her precious child as a gift and as a work from the hands of God.

Today, I pray you know how much you are seen and loved by God!