Ellie Holcomb, Delighting with Song & an Unforgettable Book & Podcast

Congratulations, Ellie, on the birth of your precious little boy and the birth of your wonderful book and songs.

Congratulations, Ellie, on the birth of your precious little boy and the birth of your wonderful book and songs.

One of the pleasures of hosting a podcast and be engaged in ministry is the sweetness of getting to rub shoulders with women who deeply love the Lord and are kindred spirits. Ellie Holcomb is such a woman. Her deep love for God, His word, a joyful reverence for life and a deep love for children combined to give us such a wonderful time to visit recently.

Ellie’s whole life has been surrounded by music and she has invested her own creative artistry by not only producing music that inspires, but also the most wonderful new children’s book, Who Sang the First Song.

With captivating illustrations and a delightful story, your children will want to read this book over and over and over again until it is deep inside their little hearts. I know you will be lifted up as you hear our conversation together.

Ellie said, “ Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to sing (in fact- my parents have been known to say that life with me as a kid was like living in a musical)! So I got curious about who sang the first song. What did the world sound like as God created it?! I loved these questions, so I set out to write a book so that we could explore not so much HOW God made the world, but WHY He created the world and each one of us. My sincere hope is that children (and the adults reading to them) would be reminded of who and WHOSE we are...and that as we remember how God created us and loves us, our hearts and lives would sing for the joy of being loved!”

-Ellie Holcomb

Ellie has also created songs to go along with the book. With Sing: Creation Songs, Ellie Holcomb created a beautiful, Scripture rooted, children’s musical project that fits perfectly with her current musical catalog. With this new collection, she wanted to write songs that were directly inspired by both God’s word and His beautiful Creation, so each song is tied to specific Scripture and full of rich imagery from the world around us. She wants children to be able to sing these songs and see evidence all around them of what they are singing.

I wrote most of the songs for this record during the spring, and I’m pretty sure I ended up moving outside each time I wrote,” she shares. “I was completely inspired by Creations’ song, whether it was the birds, or the stars, or the trees reaching high towards the heavens, or flowers blooming so colorfully that they looked ready for a party.”

I know you will love hearing her share about her love for children and love for passing on a spiritual heritage. I so enjoyed our time together.

To find Ellie in other places, just look for Ellie Holcomb and you will find her.

Sing: Creation Songs
By Ellie Holcomb
Who Sang the First Song?
By Ellie Holcomb