Restoration and Maintenance


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“Years of deferred maintenance can make sites vulnerable ... an emphasis on preventive maintenance, attention to changes in conditions, and constant care are the best defenses against disaster.” ~restoration expert regarding Notre Dame

Our team watched unbelievingly as the drama unfold earlier this spring, when the roof of Notre Dame surrendered to the flames. Then we closely followed all the discussion of what it would cost and the great time it would take to rebuild such a monumental structure, unable to avoid seeing some personal parallels. There seems to be a certain progression to a woman’s view of life as she ages. In our 20’s, it seems all things are possible. We wear rose-colored glasses, and have spent most of our early years noting mistakes other people have made and determining that we, of course, will be completely different! In our 30s, reality begins to set in as we realize how difficult life truly is, how imperfect we are (not to mention the imperfections of everyone around us!), and how tiring it is to do everything right, after all. The 40s often bring a settling in of resignation, as we look at our lives and think … is this it?

A crash will come if we do not exercise damage control along the way. We are organic beings, and have to feed life and health into our lives. A wise woman will monitor her health all along the way, not just when it is at emergency depletion levels.

It is wise to exercise self-care--it is foolish to ignore your needs. A wise woman takes care of her emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health.

As the restoration expert noted, emphasizing preventive maintenance, paying attention to changes in conditions, and constant care are necessary to our lives if we are to maintain our integrity—our ability to shelter and draw others into the beauty and worship of God.

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We hope you’ll enjoy our podcast today, as Kristen and Misty join me again for a summer conversation about restoration and maintenance in our own lives. And also—these lovely printables …


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