Wishing You Joy, Sweet Mama! & Podcast with Joy & Nathan


Today, as I think of so many of you sweet mamas and women with mama hearts serving, giving, loving, I wish I could personally:

*Serve you a cup of tea, with a vanilla candle lit and shimmering in the breeze, a scone, and talk on my Colorado front porch for hours and hours

*Give you a dozen of your favorite flowers in your favorite color

*Grant you one year of a housekeeper (not a once a week cleaner) but someone who would shop for all the groceries and make all the meals and do the dishes and wash the laundry and put it away.

*Provide you with 3 whole nights of sleep without any interruption

*Give you 5 certificates to have a back massage

*Buy you 5 meals at an adult restaurant where you could be spoiled

*Tell you that every kiss you give, every song you sing to a baby or toddler, every word of encouragement given is going into eternity as an act of love that will be remembered inside a little soul forever.

Truth is, women with mama hearts are heroes who civilize, hold together, love generously, give hope, bring giggles and laughter into life, and light the spark of faith in the hearts of those they serve with such faithful hearts.

You matter. Your labor matters. Your life is not hidden but seen and cheered on by the angels in heaven that daily see the face of Jesus.

Nathan, Joy and I put together a little podcast just because we want to wish all of you well this Sunday when women with mother’s hearts will be celebrated.

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