When Life Doesn't Turn Out as You Thought & Podcast Sheridan Voysey


When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan, Who Can You Become?

I think as a “Pollyanna” by personality, extremely idealistic and probably naive, as a young woman, I became so depressed and disheartened over the years when my little plan for life was interrupted in 1000 ways. And disappointment can lead to disillusionment and depression and sometimes doubt about what we thought we should expect from the Christian life.

As many of you know, I am doing a podcast series on my book:

Dancing With My Heavenly Father: Finding Joy in a Disappointing World.

I have invited a friend, Sheridan Voysey, to join me in my podcast today whose story goes along with all that we are discussing in my book. What to do, feel, where to go when life is turned upside down from what you expected. We met several years ago here in Oxford and his heart and story encouraged me very much.

This is what Sheridan says:

Life doesn’t always go to plan. Hopes and dreams shatter, wemake decisions that are less than perfect, and we begin to lose our sense of identity. Life can also take one too many unexpected turns that have you feeling lost and unsure of your future.

Having struggled with infertility that derailed his dreams of becoming a parent, an international move, and a career change, Sheridan Voysey lost his identity and came to the difficult realization: I don’t know who I am.

The Making of Us: Who We Can Become When Life Doesn’t

by Sheridan Voysey

“When identity is lost, we can discover who we really are. The adversity we despise can releaseour greatest gifts into the world. And all the details of our lives— from the first wiggle of our hands to the difficult events that brought us to this point— can prove to be more significant than we’ve realized,” Voysey says. “Beautiful things can emerge from life not going as planned. It can even be the making of us.”

The Making of Us is a wonderfully written memoir that reminds readers of the beauty of uncertainty, the freedom of letting go, and the value of following God into the unknown.

You can find all things Sheridan @SheridanVoysey.com, including his other inspiring books.