Little moments of eternal value given in love

We ought not to be weary of doing little things for the love of God, who regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is performed. Brother Lawrence

The World is brimming over with philosophies and values that proclaim the importance of  self-fulfillment, self-promotion, accomplishment, status. Yet, our Jesus came as a man who had no stately form or majesty, a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief. He purposely chose to humble Himself, to become the ultimate servant king. "I am humble and meek," He said. He came not proclaiming His rights, but bowing his knee. He washed feet, touched lepers, embraced and caressed the least of these, precious children, who He deemed worthy of honor.

When we accept with open arms and heart a precious little baby and wash their little hands and feet with love in our hearts, we are worshipping. When we hold and rock and sing comfort into the heart of a screaming babe in the middle of the night during an ear infection, we become the voice of Jesus.

When we stay up late to listen to the forlorn heart of a teen who is growing and stretching toward adulthood and the injustices of the world, and the imperfection of our own families, and extending grace, patience and soothing, hopeful words, we become the patience, hope, compassion of Jesus.

Our multitudinous little tasks, washing one more dish, correcting one more attitude, kissing one more forehead, when given from a heart full of love for Him,  please Him far more than if we made millions and had a title of strategic importance.

He sees in secret, He cherishes our hidden worship more than anything else we could give Him-the worship of serving His own children our of a servant heart, filled with love and gratitude for Him. In this is our treasure we lay up in heaven for His glory.

Nathan gave me the little figurine above on a mother's day many years ago.--(the boy holding out his heart) He said, "Mom, you held my heart in your hands and shaped it with your love every day, every task, every minute of serving us kids. And Mom, for that reason, you will always be there in my heart, speaking to me of all the treasures you poured in one day at a time."

Love Him today, love those He has given you to serve today.