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Sometimes, we need to just stop life from invading every moment of our day and sapping all our energy, and take the time to make a new plan. Rest, rest, rest. We all need to regularly rest to keep ourselves alive. But we need more than rest: sometimes: we need something fun.

When the girls came to Colorado for our yearly national team meeting this year, we took some time to sit down and record a chat about some of our favorite things to do when we just needed to restore our souls in an enjoyable way. We did a lot of giggling, and hope you feel like you’re sitting with us today as you listen in.

Oh—and lets not forget the most important thing: what lipsticks do we all prefer???

Sally uses Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons in Niagra Overlook and Hawaiian Smolder (she may not live that color name down, ha!) Jacqui likes Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector; Zoe’s favorite is Maybelline Colour Sensational Loaded-Orange Danger (Jacqui also loves the same line in Bossy Berry and Fiery Fuschia), Kristen wears Turkish Delight by Nars everyday and a gorgeous red called Jackpot from Sephora for special occasions, and Misty has been wearing L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche in Mica (which looks nothing like what’s in the tube when you put it on!) for longer than … well, let’s just say it’s been a long time, and has a special place in her heart for the roll-on gloss called Lip Potion which she fondly remembers even though the last bottle she’d seen of it (glass) actually broke in the back pocket of her jeans wayyyyy back in 4th grade!

Of course, we talked about lots of weightier matters, too. Sally shared this story …

Years ago while we were on a long walk, I asked my adult kids what they really thought mattered—what were the important things in life. Maybe you should ask yours, too!

Here’s what they said …

People, not things

Kindness, not being right

True life virtue, not opinion or debate

Loving, redeeming, forgiving, extending grace; not judgment, criticism, self-righteousness, or cynicism 

Living into His grace as a habit of living well with others; not striving to impress or earn love through works, accomplishment, status, fulfilling expectations, or influence,

Being intentional, not just frantically busy

Seeking Him, pondering Him, listening to Him; not the approval of man or living by the rules of others or seeking to be popular but living happily within the limitations of life

Seeking the Kingdom and eternity, not the kingdom or voices of the world

Honestly admitting a need, confessing a weakness or sin, not stuffing our insecurities and pretending to be perfect

Being humble and meek, not powerful and influential

Waiting for Him, not living in the flesh and striving

Living a life of worship, focused on meeting the needs of others; not making self-fulfillment our life goal

Being still and knowing He is God, not living a noisy, empty life

Loving well with words, actions, and setting an atmosphere of love and acceptance, not competition

We pray you’ll enjoy listening in, and also think about what small actions can restore your own soul this summer!


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