A beautiful Salad for a great holiday weekend!

Hope you have a great 4th of July with family or friends. We will miss our boys and Joy, who is at Summit Ministries this weekend. But, Sarah, Clay and I will be with friends tomorrow (Saturday) for a pot luck barbeque and Sunday evening for a pot luck. I think this year we get to see fireworks twice--Saturday and Sunday! May God truly see our gratefulness that He has allowed so much freedom and grace to us in our beloved country and may He preserve our freedom to worship and educate our children as we desire. May you have a blessed and safe holiday weekend.

This is a simple, but beautiful salad that is a real crowd pleaser.

I love salads at almost every meal. Somehow, it even seems more special when it is pretty, too. 

A sweet friend brought this to my home recently and all of us ooohed and ahhed because just seeing it made it taste oh so much better. 

Pick salad greens, lettuces or spinach to place on bottom of a large salad bowl. Then hand place chopped vegetables around the center. Add olives to center. 



yellow peppers

green onion

greens of any variety

Sprinkle green peas or edamame to add color.

Place goat or feta cheese around the edges.


cherry tomatoes with roasted pecans 

(roast in over on 300 degrees for 10-15 minutes until brown)

Cover with plastic wrap until it is served. Serve with large salad tongues and toss the dressing or serve it on the side. Be sure to scoop a little of each vegetable to get the full taste.

Our favorite dressing with this is oil and vinegar with a touch of ranch mixed in.