A Civilized Moment of Peace

French Country Omelette

Yesterday, I was in great need of "me" time. Joy was off to a class, Sarah off writing. But I knew if I was home, the phone would ring, the dog would want in and then out and then in and then out........

And so, at 7:00 a.m., I left our home with quiet time books in tow and grabbed a Vaughan Williams cd and ventured into my little blue crv to escape this present world for just a little bit of much needed quiet! The wafting notes of the all encompassing symphony  filled my car with grace, and snow capped Pike's Peak came into view, and my heart began to melt into a "God is with me, all will be well," mood.

Arriving at a downtown French cafe, I found my own secluded table, ordered my foaming cappuccino and ordered the most wonderful breakfast. A French Country Omelette was my choice: sauteed potatoes with rosemary, apple chunks, walnuts, onions, ham and swiss cheese--worth the extra calories that I eventually had to walk off! Accompanied by a 7 grain, crusty French roll, and I felt like such a princess--or at least an adult!

My Bible, a few minutes of reflection and prayer and I felt like a new person. Soul filling must take place for me to stay my course. Now I am back to the normal grind, but a little more at peace in my heart.


The Winners of the conference tickets drawing on January 15 are:

Michelle  Berryman from Bakersfield, CA

Kelly Cooper

Thanks so much for all of you who helped us advertise the conferences. I am so blessed by each of you.

And thanks for all who participated in the Twitter Chat last night--my first one. It is an adrenalin-filled interesting experience, but I was so encouraged by many of your comments.

Be sure to register for California to still receive the $89 price, as it goes to $99 after Friday.

Looking so forward to the conference this weekend. Have a great week!