A Giveaway--hurry to be included!

I found out this evening that a wonderful education specialist and book reviewer in North Carolina is giving away 2 of my books on December 31. Just wanted you to see some of her great book reviews and get in on the giveaway. Go here to enter. Also, for those who missed it, Heather Ashe from Pennsylvania won one of the conference giveaways and she is going to attend the Raleigh conference as our guest.

Stacie Nelson from Kansas is our other winner, and we have not heard from her yet as to how she will use her prize.

Again, congratulations to both of you. You can still be entered into the giveaway for another couple of weeks. Read the blog below for details. I so appreciate all of you wonderful moms who are helping me get the word out. I am sooooooo excited for this year's conferences and am praying for each of you who will be attending every day.

We hope to get this one on dvd so those of you who can't come, can have it at home for yourself. You may also get last year's dvds from our office at www.wholeheart.org or by writing admin@wholeheart.org for more information. (888-488-4466)

Off to bed! Blessings and blessings of His peace tonight!