A Little Bit of This and That, A Momheart podcast


"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

Anne of Green Gables

I am loving long walks, golden and red leaves intertwined on my pathways, the sunny days with cool air and the joy of sharing this at home with my sweet Joy and Clay.

Joy and I are reading an Elizabeth Goudge book out-loud.

Long conversations pondering life and what matters have filled my week with my two boys.

Sitting on my deck with Clay and Joy sipping tea and eating warm almond bear-claws.

Sitting with a dear friend in my rocking chairs while catching up on life.

Skyping with Sarah and seeing the insides of her English apartment and treasuring our time to catch up.

Teaching my monthly Bible study and getting to know new women and sharing lives together.

Praying for my children.

Playing music and sitting in flickering candlelight early mornings while reading and pondering Nehemiah and wanting to learn how to more worthily worship God each day.

Walking miles and miles each week through the downtown streets with lovely Victorian homes.

Chatting with Clay every day about life, dreams, ministry, the future.

Making citrus salmon, roasted potatoes and a light greens salad.

These are some of the things filling my days.

What about you? Hope you enjoy our podcast this week. Kristen and I have so much fun but we seem to fly from one subject to another. Thanks for the amazing comments and letters we have gotten to encourage us to keep going. We love hearing from you.

Working on getting the image just right. Kristen and I are both idealistic--not technical! :)