A Place to belong

Belonging to each other

"Mama, I can't wait to come home and just be together as a family."

With the chaos of voices clamoring for our soul allegiance, the pressures to conform to cultural values, the constant compromise of moral values, the redefining of family structure, the world can be a calamitous, draining and confusing place.

Satan who comes as an angel of light is always seeking to draw away the allegiance of every human being from the values of the kingdom of God and our heart allegiance to God our creator and King.

Home fires, traditions shared, meals eaten in fellowship together over the messages of life, values upheld, histories made and the stories of them told and celebrated are the roots that go deep into the heart of a child to keep them tethered to the truth of the Gospel and the foundations of faith.

Our hearth with all things Clarkson

It is our history and roots that keep us faithful and give us the strength to refuse the draw of Satan.

We craft the beauty of the kingdom of home, so that our children and our husbands; so that we have a place to belong, a history to uphold, a purpose to guide our decisions and our ways. The accountability of a family who loves one another and says, "I am here for you. I believe in you. I need you. I will help you," calls to the desires in each person to a place where they are valued and where they belong.

The life of our home is not just about "house beautiful", but it is a "life" that draws the heart to all that is true. The crafting of our home life validates the reality of God's love and redemption in a place that satisfies a soul that longs for stability and foundations that cannot be shaken.

So day to day, is not merely about correcting immaturity or organizing meals, it is about the Life of Jesus incarnating the moments with love, truth, beauty, faith so that every child who leaves its walls will always have a place to come home to and feel that they will always have the gift of belonging to a people, a history and a place that is safe and strong.