A Podcast Just to Encourage you! How to raise great boys! (and it works for girls, too!)

Brooke and Sally"Sally, how did you live through the years of raising two boys and all of their issues, attitudes, loudness, did I say, "attitudes" and capture their hearts for a God in the midst?"

A group of moms cornered me last weekend at my Colorado conference and said they wanted to talk to me and ask me 5 questions they had all agreed were their biggest issues! 

How timely for me since I have just been recording a podcast about that very issue.

What a privilege to be able to visit with a sweet friend of mine, Brooke McGlothlin, one of the co-founders of themobsociety.com/, a great blog for moms of boys. She has written a new book about praying for boys, that I actually think would be great for all moms! She interviewed me about many of my various thoughts about raising great kids, and I thought you might enjoy listening to our discussion. Hope it encourages you.

podcast--Brooke and Sally [audio mp3="http://www.prayingforboys.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/sallyclarkson-on-2013-12-12-at-10.06.mp3"][/audio]  


You can find her book, here!

You will be inspired!