A Time to Buy Wonderful Gifts for Friends! {25% Off Dayspring Coupon Code}

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Oh how I love Dayspring! Meeting the wonderful founders of (In)courage who write for  Dayspring and their great host of bloggers at Allume and Relevant gave me a new set of kindred spirits. Grouping women of like mind in small groups all over the World for encouragement is exactly what we have always been striving to reach. I was blessed enough to go to one of their lovely weekend conferences and won my lovely vase. I keep it in my office. Inscribed are the words, "Grateful for Simple Blessings!" I keep this in my little library/study to remind me to stay real and simple--and of course I love having the flowers, too.

I wanted you to have the opportunity to grab some of these lovely gifts for your friends and family, because of the wonderful sale that they are providing!

photo dayspring vase Dayspring is a company that cultivates beauty that we can easily bring into our homes, with the message of Christianity and hope to share to the lives of those we love. This summer breeze brought more than just warm weather...it also brought us 25% off our entire order from Dayspring! July is the perfect time to take advantage of these hot summer deals.

Because Dayspring loves their customers, this incredible company is offering 25% off of everything when you enter the coupon code SUMMER25. This amazing deal even applies to items that are already discounted!

72849 (1) One of the things I love most about this time of year is the gorgeous, lush flowers that bloom. I will be picking flowers from Joy's garden to place into my personal favorite summer item from Dayspring. This beautiful, vintage vase is not only a lovely home for your favorite flowers, but it displays two wonderful messages of encouragement. One side reads "redeemed", while the other side of this gorgeous vase gives us the beautiful reminder in Ecclesiastes, "He has made everything beautiful in it's time."

Don't miss your chance to encourage yourself and the other women in your life with this incredible message of inspiration that we all need. Click here to bring joy, inspiration, and love to your home for 25% off!